12 Responses to Kitchen Culo

  1. Drisvisic

    Real…who knows? Would I hit it, affirmative.

  2. GreenEggsAndHam

    major difference between high standards and denial XD

    ~ Dr. Suess’s Friend

  3. Dab

    lol I’m picky because I can actually have high standards.

  4. GreenEggsAndHam

    unlike most of these people here i’m not picky id hit it fake or not, pending if she has a std then no.

    ~Dr.Suess’s Friend

  5. Jay

    Ass and tits are fake, but I’d hit it…..several times

  6. Derek da Long

    If her pussy’$ real then Yes. If not I’m sure she pay Dab for a quick session.

  7. Davefox89

    Top comment hahah. funny as hell

  8. Tboogz

    Fake!!! And maybe id hit it 8 years ago when fake asses were new and fun, n not now when they are worn like an accessory like a damn pair of braclets. Smh… Pinky n Cherokee D’Ass come save us from all these fake ass hoes! (Get it, fake-ass-hoes) lol

    • Brent

      Yes i couldnt agree with you more pinky and cherokee are my favorite booty heroes!

  9. dayum

    fake but ill hit it by patriotism

  10. Brent

    Is there a full video?

  11. Dab

    fake and she would have to pay me.

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