37 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 13

  1. roger

    who is number 13

  2. 1

    who is number 13 anyone

  3. realreal

    number 4 is perfect. Greatest ass i’ve seen in a while.

    I really need a source for that

  4. Ope44


  5. Ope44

    very hot girls

  6. DG

    who is #3?

  7. Vertigo
  8. Bootyman96

    Part 13 looks like a great follow up from Part 12. I am not even critical about this post, it’s just great. I may have been critical about Part 11 or 10 or 9, but it’s all good booty still. Now BOTDNation feast your eyes on Redexxxotica https://v.cdn.vine.co/r/thumbs/550B9CEDED1014235324425400320_1bea8c3ff3a.4.3.8601533213613323516.mp4_MgIPyD.I_XVqD2zuwVSGf2HVLW6Ky21SW9QbriYNyDPUe.3NEeYFGYkhHXdG6MHf.jpg?versionId=zXs8SFb3r2yV0ObVtt_qv0EZtC.J9LjX https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bgx2Ef7IUAAXWA9.jpg and http://www.shesfreaky.com/video/hot-latina-redexxxotica-twerking-on-cam-haJqiIYwj1d.html your all welcome!! Oh and she should have a post on here too, just saying.

    • Bigboss

      Not gonna lie she has an amazing ass and decent face, but the fake tits don’t do it for me.

      • Caesar

        I’m with ya on that one

  9. Queefsniffer

    #2 is legendary.

  10. poohbia

    # 1, 6, 7, 10, 14 can get it

  11. BSD

    Friends –

    I like ’em all, (‘cept for the ones with fake parts), but #1 and #7 shall feel my love and know my seed first.

    As soon as I can find them.

    For info purposes, #11 is NOT Olivia O’Lovely.


    • bigswole

      lol @ “shall know my love and feel my seed.” hahaha.

  12. Udder Appreciation


  13. jaymak

    I couldnt pick a favorite…I already have a weakness for pawgs…but pawgs with tats and hips…my kryptonite…I’d take every last one

  14. amn2o
    • Ope44


  15. amn2o

    Haha, number 8 lives same town as me! Works as a shot girl so walks round the club dressed like that. Southend in England, for the curious.

    • amn2o

      meant number 12 not 8, my bad.

      • bigswole

        she bad too. didn’t see her the first time. her pics in the twitter link below are off the chain. fuker right n the pussy.

  16. bigswole

    i need the names of numbers 2, 4, and 13, immediately.

  17. dex

    hot girls

  18. anonym sergeevich

    #11 is Olivia OLovely?

  19. God

    Who be this?! Damn:


    • max

      I know number 13, her name’s natayla. @blueyedwreck

  20. King James

    Name of #7???

  21. Rusty shackleford

    #10 Looks like Steph Kegels

    • Bootyman96

      It is her, but check out Redexxxotica now that’s a thick chick!

  22. Carl


    • callofbooty

      Ya. Startin with the girl with the Grey sweatpants and the chick with the iPhone. Seriously fellas. As far as home bred naturally thick ass, it doesn’t get any better than those two. Look at the curvature of the chick with the Grey pants, one could literally fuck her for days on end risking cardiac arrest. Can you imagine what that ass looks like on all fours??? LONG LIKE BOTD! !

      • luvthephatcakez

        I feel u but…. dips on stephs fine ass.

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