11 Responses to Chun-Li Got Thick … and Naughty

  1. lolilol0
  2. Davefox89

    She looks Spanish

  3. robert

    She is the reason that I love Asian women and I really do hope to marry an Asian woman one day wowww

  4. X^3
  5. jay

    where can i get the dvd for chun-li

    • botd

      Jay I don’t know where you can get it, but it’s called SND – 17. You can either click on the link above and order it from the website…if you can read Japanese and have lots of yen…or you can search for it on the world wide webs.

  6. Karl

    the escenes are in a movie called Chiharu Nakasaki – Cutie ultimate Ass . but there are no links to download fo free 🙁

  7. Paul

    Damn! I want to be walking down a hallway and have some girl push me up against the wall and suck my dick.

  8. Bootylover88

    Chunk Lee in Street Fucker 2!

  9. Jonathan


    • botd

      The site I got it from got shut down, but maybe somebody else knows.

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