12 Responses to Big Booty on a Chair

  1. m2x

    dam i wana smash that booty hard

  2. lala

    mother of god booty. <– from that

  3. mike

    Gotta love that yummy bubble mmmmmm o nice tattoos also..


    i don’t get how you guys are talking smack if we’re all here for the booty and she’s posting the booty. How can you get mad at her for posting exactly what we want? Just appreciate it and stfu.

  5. Yeah

    Ooh thanks!

  6. Al Bundy

    Checked out her tumblr and don’t like this kinda girl. Taken but posting photos of her ass out in public.

    • primerino

      Yea i don’t understand why guys let their girls do that. but if you say anything too her you’ll get the usual “because i appreciate my body” comment lol

      • naughtynuff4u

        girls will do anything for attention.

      • poohbia

        Most of them are attention whores pretty much

      • Bootox

        True words.

  7. primerino

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