18 Responses to Allie Verseau

  1. pawgfan

    Don’t care if the ass is real or fake, I can’t resist a pawg with an ass like that. I will worship that booty like there is no tomorrow.

    More white girls need to have asses like this lol, as I am addicted to white chicks with big asses!

  2. Jason J

    White girls taking over!

  3. Alex

    I banged her. It was great. Ass was real and very big. It appears this is an unnecessary upgrade. Nice post. Brings back good memories.

    • yea

      yea sure you did and lol at claiming this ass is real

      • Alex

        I said “was” real not “is” real. Then I followed that up with a statement that the upgrade was unnecessary. In other words, her ass was big enough before she decided to upgrade. I apologize if my comment was confusing. Again, great post BOTD. Great website.

      • Jay

        She’s a call girl that goes by the name of Kristen Kindle. Look it up. I def believe that dude up top banged her.

  4. poohbia

    Some of these girls be going overboard with the enhancements, the first 2 pics make her look like a cartoon character lol

    • bigswole

      don’t matter. you know you’d smash and enjoy every last second of it. lol.

    • Zipper

      NO JOKE. Sheesh. At least TRY to make it look natural…? Maybe some people are into the obviously overly fake look.

  5. BigSwole

    Good lookin out Pete! Sharing is Caring! She bad tho!

  6. Jay

    hahaha you posted her. How did you find her?

    • botd

      Did an Image Search with one of the pics, but it took a while to find something with her name.

      • Jack Reach Around

        A few weeks ago you were against image searching. It’s good to have you joined the dark side. If only you where pro using those back doors . The downside to image searching is doing it while been aroused. Good cookie here she looks tasty.

        • botd

          Never said I was against searching by Image, and never said I was on the light side.

  7. der

    Shoutout to Peter L!!!

  8. Pete

    Well damn !!!! More of her pls

  9. Al Bundy

    How does this not have any comments? Madness!

    On a more important note: GOD DAAMMMNNNNNN. Dat ass tho

    • botd

      Probably because I just posted it. You’re early.

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