14 Responses to Thick PAWG Anja Dee

  1. Twiin

    I’m in love with BBW THICK

  2. jj

    I do love your page, but hate kids being exploited

  3. glencocoe

    the only good vid from her – Anja Dee – on youtube aside from her instagram short vids is this one. I’d give it a B for view camerawise. Some decent material worth saving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH3BlBH90zA

  4. booty bandit

    I think I would lose my fuckin mind if I seen her in person

  5. josef

    Very fat ass !

  6. carl

    i love that ass

  7. Scum666

    She’s so my type.

  8. rall
  9. Blaximus

    This girl has truely been blessed.

  10. blackfrost

    hope i dream of this tonight

  11. poohbia
  12. Ctgis

    Damn. The shape on this chick is mind-blowing.

  13. UrHumbleNarrator

    Oh my!

  14. Trent bologne

    Jeezus I’m down with that thickness

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