10 Responses to Juicy Ass Gigi

  1. Sticky1

    To keep it 100%. Hypothetically, if I was about to knock her her down. I would have to consume a few brewskis. Just make it last more than 5mins. To overcome the excitement. I would be breaking concrete smashing this authentic woman. She is built for pounding.

  2. KingJ

    WTF??? (At first) She has a butterface, but still smash.

  3. Electriwizard

    That’s a thick and juicy girl. Every morning, my coworkers ask me to show them the booty of the day. There’s at least 10 guys, that won’t go to work, until they take a peak. We all love this site. Keep ’em cummin’.!!!

  4. yeah

    I thought she was dark skinned before the bonus. Wow, that tan tho…

  5. Jakub

    Wow that’s exactly my kind of woman

  6. Spungn

    At first I panicked!! “Holy shit, do I hit it from behind first, or lay her on her back to enjoy the front?!?!?!”……then I remembered-I ain’t NEVER gonna hit that!!!!! Fuuuuuuk!

  7. E

    No offence…(incoming offensive shit lol) She looks like a white girl with a bad tan.

    • E

      Don’t get me wrong shes got a nice body though

    • botd

      If the worst you can say about her is that you don’t like her tan, then don’t worry, no offence taken.

      • E

        Lol Right

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