17 Responses to Booties Behind Bars

  1. Nooice

    Allz I know is that I wish I was the jail bar in 1st, 3rd and 4th pic.

  2. Douche Baggins

    She looks fucking awful here.. WAY too skinny.

    • Blackfrost

      totally agree. i can’t do skinny at all, bone on bone hurts lol

  3. Johnathan

    Anybody have a link to one of her videos where her ass is at it’s fattest point? I can’t really remember a Jada with a crazy ass. She was always just kinda petite and toned to me.

    • C.A.


  4. Bootox

    If I had to choose I’d picked the bigger ass Jada, certainly. But I will watch her scenes with or without the big ass. So, just keep clapping, my girl!

    And I think that the majority of our comunity here prefer the girls with bigger asses, that’s the point.

  5. poohbia

    Being that thin is not a good look on her

  6. fat balls

    Skinny is in! Easier to knock them around in different positions.

  7. Yeah

    Maybe that’s what she is aiming for…she’s doing a good job at it

  8. BSD

    Friends –

    Jada DOES fluctuate between thicker and leaner, but Naomi? Nah, she’ll never be Naomi Russell. That girl had major issues that led to her problems.

    Ya gotta remember Jada has been at this for at least seven years now. And the past four or five of them she has really been puttin’ in work. She has been one of the biggest stars in porn for the past few years. When you couple that with her feature dancing and all the road shows she does and whatever else “private” she does, I’m sure her life is pretty hectic. She may have to get in the gym and keep in shape just to keep up with her life.

    Yeah, I like her better after she swoles on some red beans and rice, but I ain’t gonna hate. She’s given me enough phat booty to jack to for the rest of my life.


    • Shadez

      Can you fill me in in what happend with Naomi?

      • I like booties.

        This is what I’ve read on Naomi and I quote:

        “There were rumors she had HIV, that was a lie. She said in an interview that she lost crazy weight. She was just in a different workout regiment that involved cardio because she wanted to lose weight and ended up losing a lot of weight. She did scenes after that but because of the HIV rumor she couldn’t get a lot of work despite not having the disease. Frustrated and tired of the business, she left porn because it became too much on her. If memory serves she went back to college for a degree and graduated, settled down in the Midwest and no one knows what happened or where she at. Last I heard she was living in New York or Jersey.”

  9. Nick


  10. yupman

    Still would though- would simply feel less inclined to fuck her in ass

  11. Jason

    Yep… she is losing her ass. It used 2 be fucking HUGE. Now it’s tiny. 🙁 But she smokes weed EVERYDAY. So I guess thats it then.

  12. naughtynuff4u

    maybe from smoking all that weed probably…

    • botd

      That would make me get fat, but I guess everybody’s different.

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