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  1. Anonymous

    Reaching out for this lady’s I.D. ( ͡ᵔ ⏥ ͡ᵔ) ( ͡° ⏥ ͡°) ( ͡️ ⏥ ͡️) Slim-thick content >>>> https://webmshare.com/3KeZ3 Note: Was half asleep watching this (….’til the end part).

    • botd

      Remembered her, but couldn’t remember her name. Then when I woke up, remembered she was Portuguese. Do a search for “curvy Portuguese runway model”. One of the first results is an old post of her on Ebaum’s world, but when you click on it, looks like the video got removed. But then it says “82 comments”, but when you click that link, nothing loads. I’m guessing you’re familiar with the Wayback Machine archive. You can probably try to paste that link there.

    • botd

      Okay I think it’s her… https://www.instagram.com/itsmaggzs

      • Anonymous

        Thank You. I appreciate you, Keeper of The Booty Lore!

        Off Topic: What’s your opinion on this current season of The Mandalorian?

        Specifically, are the camera operators Ass-Men? Never felt one way or another about Katee Sackoff – but gyaaat – seem like whoever’s doing the cinematography been taking every opportunity to frame her from the side (or from behind)! I-J-S!

        • botd

          Nice. Haven’t started this season yet, but good to know there’s that to look forward to.

  2. realreal21

    The reason why I love NYC. So many dominican booties! Damn

    also what’s her name?

    • botd

      True, Miss Raquel. Just posted her Twitter in the post caption.

  3. Suresh

    Looks like she invites all BOTD fans too.

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