24 Responses to Bang Battle

  1. GDUB

    Either way is fine with me,but one of them does not do black men and that’s the bottom one.

  2. GDUB

    Isis Taylor no contest.

  3. Quincy talmadge

    Who has the link to the first one trying to watch for free

  4. Truth
  5. BSD

    Friends –

    All the above.

    I usually like to finish with “A”, because once I start to smash in that position, the nutt is usually not far behind.


  6. BeR

    THe scene on the bottem is ap8310500k – Alexis Texas & Liz They Make It Clap

  7. Chaos

    I’m a lazy fuck so I’ll go with B

  8. mondotoken

    A-Isis Taylor does it for me and I’d WRECK DAT CHICK!!!

  9. Moion

    A — love that view. Finish with C. Rinse and repeat.

  10. Milo

    First C, then A, and finish it off with B. 😀

  11. Darkaholic

    What I do is bang her A position (bam bam bam bam) until i get somewhat tired, and then mix up a little B in it (while she is still laying frontside down) she can still jiggle and wiggle that ass.. booM!!

  12. Brent

    I fucking love isis taylor!

  13. GreenEggs&Ham

    I Choose: B, With Isis Taylor, then A with Isis Taylor, then C with Isis Taylor, then repeat

  14. Kevin

    Gotta go with A

  15. Justin

    Links to both please!

  16. Cook

    I gotta go with A. All three are nice but I be too wound up to sit still. After some work is put in a little bit of B is cool while I take a breather and if she’s down, finish off with C.

  17. Fam

    A fasho. I got to smash.

  18. Booty guy since 1985

    No doubt I would go with a. I like Alexis, but Isis is one smokin Latina!

  19. eddy

    lol i’m lazy b

  20. Jon

    a/b/c not in that exact order lmao

  21. J45

    Is there a link to the Isis Taylor clip…I’ve been looking for this specific one!?

  22. Tboogz

    I’ll say c. with a. I like to get blowjobs while she lays on her stomach n her legs wide open. That gives me motivation to get back there, then I’ll do b. lmao

  23. Clyde

    Exactly yoyo, exactly.

  24. yoyo

    b. of course, but I wouldn’t let her do all the work, I would jam that pussy with all my strength :p

    Isis Taylor, one of my fav, she’s close to perfection

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