22 Responses to Bang Battle

  1. Quincy talmadge

    Who has the link to the first one trying to watch for free

  2. Truth
  3. BSD

    Friends –

    All the above.

    I usually like to finish with “A”, because once I start to smash in that position, the nutt is usually not far behind.


  4. BeR

    THe scene on the bottem is ap8310500k – Alexis Texas & Liz They Make It Clap

  5. Chaos

    I’m a lazy fuck so I’ll go with B

  6. mondotoken

    A-Isis Taylor does it for me and I’d WRECK DAT CHICK!!!

  7. Moion

    A — love that view. Finish with C. Rinse and repeat.

  8. Milo

    First C, then A, and finish it off with B. 😀

  9. Darkaholic

    What I do is bang her A position (bam bam bam bam) until i get somewhat tired, and then mix up a little B in it (while she is still laying frontside down) she can still jiggle and wiggle that ass.. booM!!

  10. Brent

    I fucking love isis taylor!

  11. GreenEggs&Ham

    I Choose: B, With Isis Taylor, then A with Isis Taylor, then C with Isis Taylor, then repeat

  12. Kevin

    Gotta go with A

  13. Justin

    Links to both please!

  14. Cook

    I gotta go with A. All three are nice but I be too wound up to sit still. After some work is put in a little bit of B is cool while I take a breather and if she’s down, finish off with C.

  15. Fam

    A fasho. I got to smash.

  16. Booty guy since 1985

    No doubt I would go with a. I like Alexis, but Isis is one smokin Latina!

  17. eddy

    lol i’m lazy b

  18. Jon

    a/b/c not in that exact order lmao

  19. J45

    Is there a link to the Isis Taylor clip…I’ve been looking for this specific one!?

  20. Tboogz

    I’ll say c. with a. I like to get blowjobs while she lays on her stomach n her legs wide open. That gives me motivation to get back there, then I’ll do b. lmao

  21. Clyde

    Exactly yoyo, exactly.

  22. yoyo

    b. of course, but I wouldn’t let her do all the work, I would jam that pussy with all my strength :p

    Isis Taylor, one of my fav, she’s close to perfection

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