Tokyo Drift Stripper Phat Booty Clap


Smash or Pass?

Btw I used to categorize her under Thick Asian, but I don’t know anymore. Can anybody confirm that she’s half Japanese or something? I mean she does go by “Tokyo” and “Sunami” so probably.

18 Responses to Tokyo Drift Stripper Phat Booty Clap

  1. Phatass69

    Smash. I’d love to fuck that phat ass

  2. larry

    her name is mz tokyo drift

  3. Love machine

    She is Japanese & Bajan,her dad I googled his name an he was some murderer in Japan..she currently lives in DC & dating a rich cornball athlete..

  4. Shysti

    yeah, she’s definitely half asian. She looks less like a butteface when she doesn’t put on all that horrendous makeup…

  5. BlackAnaconda

    Definitely smash. That ass is gorgeous.

  6. Yeah

    If you guys looking for more, just go here or search her up on dailymotion. Plenty of vids (gotta follow her to see her stuff)

  7. Yeah

    MISS TOKYO DRIFT AKA SUNAMI? Never thought you would repost this. She’s a definite Blasian.

  8. Duke

    Face is beat as ****. Pass.

  9. Douche Baggins

    It’s a smash… even if she’s not even smart enough to spell Tsunami. I’m guessing she’s ZERO Asian and 100% marketing.

  10. scum666

    Smash!!! I wouldn’t have the strength to pass. Her ass would seduce me.

  11. Blackfrost

    it’s nice but i would pass on this

  12. Bootyman96

    Whoa whoa whoa. Who the hell is this? Idk if I’ve seen her before but damn now I’m interested. Smash!

  13. Bootox

    I can’t confirm because I couldn’t find any info about her. I think that she has the proportions and shape of a black girl, so you should considerate the predominant genetic.

    Of course it’s a SMASH!!! (Even if by my standards she is a little chubby…what counts in the end is the booty clapping…. lol)

  14. rhy

    BOTD, you should post gifs of Marcy Diamond’s bbc scene. These pawgs are getting into the porn industry.

  15. DatAss

    Her name is Sunami, she’s half black and half Japanese

  16. Shogan

    I’d say she’s a maybe.

  17. jaymak

    She’s a hood ny area stripper…she’s black with slightly slanted eyes…the ass is ignorantly fat

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