7 Responses to Thick Chocolate Priscilla Millie Mucho

  1. gphi

    BOTD…THANKS for the shout, jus’ trying to show ya’ll some thickness. PEACE!!!

  2. Jase

    I’m getting so sick of that photoshop bullshit

    • botd

      If you mean the airbrushed pics on her IG, true, me too.

  3. Goldy

    Millie es muy bonita. The epitome of hot chocolate.

    I’m in love with the Cocoa, little mama is bad. Man, I know though, if you got to know her, she either is a gold digger, a MAJOR LEAGUE BITCH, or ghetto as hell; has daddy issues, or multiple baby daddies.

    My bad, I did not mean to turn into Tommy Sotomayor.

    • Brownhornet72

      You ain’t lyin’ though. I’d bet money that she fits into one of those categories you mentioned. It’s all too common with these big booty black women. They fine as hell, but they come with some kind of baggage.

  4. iceman8069

    Damn…that ass fat and she gorgeous! Gotta love it!

  5. Bootyfreak

    Got damn! That little waist and thick hips, she would get mucho fucked! Dayammm!

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