24 Responses to Thick Redhead Schoolgirl

  1. fkevjn

    Anyone know what she’s called now?

    • botd

      Was a long time ago so she’s probably retired.

  2. bootyLover

    Her blog was deleted and she moved to http://deviant-slut.tumblr.com/tagged/me

  3. Alley Al

    No pull out!

  4. Anne

    Well, the site fell down… her name is Ambadawnn

  5. Gray

    Love to see that lovely bod in person

  6. ClicktheLink
    • botd

      Link was already posted right under the pics.

  7. AreJay


  8. Bootyman96

    She’s really good looking. Redheads are awesome just don’t see them as often. Real or fake red hair idc as long as she’s hot like her hair she’ll be my new favorite chick.

  9. blackfrost

    yea she would get all of my money lol

  10. Poon Raider


  11. Electriwizard

    Red head and red ass; looks like someone spanked her. Im up for some kinky stuff.

  12. yabajaba

    I seriously wouldn’t mind continuing with camgirl posts. Beats the photoshopped stuff.

  13. Sofia

    incredible ass

  14. Yeah

    All thick in the right places!

  15. glencocoe

    i keep seeing her gifs on there but where are these gifs coming from? which vids?

  16. David C

    Damn. Give me some sugar baby girl.

  17. beardo

    Wouldn’t think twice. Especially in that outfit

  18. TrapperDon

    I have noticed, when it comes to the white women, a large percentage of ginger girls be thicker than a motherfucker. I don’t know? Is it just red heads in the south or are they just naturally juicy.

    • Milka

      She’s not a real redhead.

  19. Aalim Chin

    Fall ’15 semester fantasies.

  20. Jakk

    Her ass is great but, this chick is a mad cunt from what ive seen. Not worth.

    • glencocoe

      at least ID her for us…jeez…

      Anyone have an ID? Is this princess Dust??

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