7 Responses to Jaye Rose Sexy Vine Selfie

  1. aaronbaron

    She and Katarina have a poolside Lesbo dip that will make you hard as a diamond

  2. claudio
  3. aaronbaron

    Redheads rule!

  4. blackfrost

    ^^ i concure

  5. Bootyman96

    UK Pornstars rule! Look at Paige turnah and Sophie Dee. Jaye should collaborate with them this year.

  6. Bootyman96

    That’s good and everything, but yeah I rather get a picture than pause a video. It’s not like I’m gonna pause a onion booty clip were the girls ass is in the air and all of the sudden I fap to the paused clip. I’m just saying I let the vid go. I gotta check Jaye Rose over the weekend.

    • botd

      Tru but I can’t be the only one that hates when Tube sites don’t have keyboard controls, like right arrow to fast forward and space to pause.

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