28 Responses to Bang Battle Part 3 – Riding

  1. emmanuel

    i like big booty

  2. Hugh G Rection

    Siri! She is magnificent!

  3. Cthompson

    wow! Noelle Easton is my new fav porn chick!

  4. oakknight

    Siri. I’ve seen both scenes and despite being a big girl and older , siri has way more energy than noelle.

  5. Hucci


    link to the full Noelle video 😉
    love her frickin tits, they’re awesome.

  6. Jamal


  7. yoyo


  8. Lalito31

    SIRI, hard choice thou 🙂

  9. Bootyman96

    Though choice. Would prefer a three way but if I had the choice I’d go for noelle. I love Siri but Noelle is amazing.

  10. newt

    Siri 🙂

  11. Answer Me Siri

    Anyone have the link to the full Siri vid? Siri all the way

  12. DG


  13. jerome

    Noelle by far!

  14. Raepchoke


    Her tits just hang and sway much nicer.

  15. dannt

    Tough choice BOTD, but I think that I would prefer Siri, her ass is so hot, but then a gain Noelle’s Boobs looks more apetite for me, but I allways give more importance to the ass smack!

  16. Fam

    I gots to go with Siri on this.

  17. Hellofatbody

    Both would get it, but neither were really “riding” the guy.

    • Hellofatbody

      They could take a lesson from Isis 😉


  18. Jim M.

    Siri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hands Down… 😉

  19. Pete

    Damn you bro !! Shit…only one huh ?? Okay okay, Noelle is it

  20. poohbia

    Shit, I can almost feel #1

    Hard choice, but noelle easton

  21. BSD

    Friends –

    Noelle Easton at her thickest. Between those soft, womanly, baby fat curves, and that sweet tenderoni face, I get hard enough to cut diamonds watching this girl. To see such a wonderful FREAK at such a young age is almost too much.


  22. blackfrost

    siri no doubt. a lot of her movies will blow me in under 0.3 sec

    • Fam


  23. StickMan


  24. Someone

    Noelle is a better rider.

  25. tommytbaron

    Jesus! I can’t believe you’re forcing us to making a decision like that! My brain is about to overload. Ooopss. Too late.


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