8 Responses to Money Shot

  1. assssman8

    Her name is Kaylifornia!

    • botd

      Thanks. Didn’t know it was her. Couldn’t find her Tumblr anymore so I linked to her Shakinit.

  2. Jefferson

    The worlds biggest collection of thigh gaps!

    • botd

      I’ll see what I can do, but that one will take a while.

  3. blackfrost

    jessie Minx, jessie minx, jessie minx….did i mention jessie minx?

  4. botd

    Also if you have suggestions for specific girls or specific videos.

  5. Jefferson

    A rating system?

    An area for the community to submit their ladies?

    • botd

      Thanks. Back in the day there used to be a sharing widget with share counts like on bigassgifs.com and thickasians.co … but decided to simplify it cause it was too heavy and made the site slow. Anyway the point is it was a way to gauge which posts were popular by how many shares they had.

      Gonna try to add the counts manually or do some other type of rating system. For now just check how many comments a post has. Either it’s good or controversial.

      As far as the submissions, I think people want me to post what I think is good rather than post what people submit. Used to have a submit button on the old Tumblr site, but hardly ever got anything good. If anybody has something that you think is good tho, you can send to bootyoftheday at gmail. Don’t get mad if I don’t post it tho.

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