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  1. poohbia
  2. Bill

    She’s on vine her name is Charlotte Fox

  3. blackfrost

    thick is good. who wants to snuggle up to a stick?

  4. ukguy

    She’s retiring from escorting end of the year and is fully booked till then, you’ve missed her bro!

    • Jefferson

      Noooooooo. I’ll just have to marry her then!

  5. botd

    Just to clear things up… *In Obama’s voice* … Let me be clear…

    Don’t get it twisted. Don’t be scared to say anything negative. Speak your mind and give us your opinion about any post, whatever it is. As long as you don’t diss anybody’s mom or race or any stupid shit like that.

  6. Jefferson

    Was actually considering it, im not far at all. been a fan for a few months and she is cheap considering!

    • botd

      Funny cause I coulda sworn you were gonna say something negative. BOTD’s Lesson of the Day, Don’t Judge.

      • Jefferson

        Because she has some weight on her? nah, in general I actually prefer it, I dont dislike bbw either.

        Or because I am always complaining?!!

        • botd

          I don’t think she has too much weight on her at all. If anything I’d probably thickify her hips a little bit.

          But yeah it’s cause you’re always complaining haha. Also because she bangs for money. Some people have this stupid ass belief that there’s something wrong with that. You should read some of the tweet images she has on her Twitter from guys that are still in the first Century.

          • Jefferson

            She has a great attitude towards it; I have seen her posting some of the hate mail she has gotten and having a laugh. I read on her booking page a few months back she was retiring to look for a relationship……the few hundred that got there before me wouldn’t stop me from proudly parading her around!

            Ah I’d say my negative:positive ratio is atleast 50:50, you just remember the negative more! im only judging you by your own high standards!

          • botd

            I hearya bro. Thanks and no doubt.

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