19 Responses to Veteran’s Day Military Chicks and Army Ass

  1. Actbadd

    Well DAMN!!!!!!!!

  2. JR

    who’s #3? The ass on her is amazing!

  3. Desipimp

    Tremendous collection! I can stare at these butts all day! 5, 9-10 & 13 are my favorites! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  4. 843bigred

    3, 9 and 12 sticking out to me , also Ms. Pierce is a winner also

    • 843bigred

      also the gap on #10 is crazy

  5. Thatblackguyagain

    Any info on #7??

  6. Spacemonkey

    #4 is sweet victoria…old pic from when she had her own site.

  7. King James

    Who’s the last one?

    • Shaun

      Sophie dee

      • King James

        You also know the name of the movie?

  8. amn2o

    the body on no. 4 is amazing! name, anyone? ha

  9. black_cloud_2012

    Goddamn! God bless America.

  10. jb

    Who is the redhead pic #1?

    • Reemo

      Redhead is Siri the pornstar.

  11. Boooty freak

    I didn’t see any ass like these when I served! It just ain’t right.

  12. Chet

    Who was the 10th pic? Damn!!

  13. blackfrost

    Siri, Caroline Pierce, random selfshot
    girls with guns,

    get the rest after work unless there is a specific one you want me to find out.

  14. blackfrost

    how come none of these girls was in the military when i was there lol?

  15. Jefferson

    Good lord, great collection. I just want to do what they say!

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