23 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 39

  1. Mitch

    Can anyone identify ANYONE in #11? All phat.

  2. kyle429

    #12 Holy shat. Find her! Perfection!!

  3. rolo512

    Who knows the name of #5 and #6

    • sundog

      In #5, I believe the one on the left is Andrea Rosu.

  4. Jason

    Hey BOTD has Ryan Smiles been released from the slammer? Cause I think she has a new name.

    • Udderman

      Not sure but sure hope so. Would love to see Ryan Smiles come back.

  5. Chris

    who is the blonde on nr 11?

  6. Jay
  7. TKM

    This post was very unique…it consists almost exclusively of cartoonishly large booties

  8. Electriwizard

    Hips, buns, thighs… (sigh)
    Instinct makes a man direct his attention to those particular body features. It brings out the primitive urge to mate.
    In more simple words: It makes a real man horny as hell, to watch a thoroughbreed woman’s ass. It makes me plant my seed all the way in.
    By the way, humans are one of the species that mates at any season, chance or opportunity. In the backseat?

  9. Zorken

    Heeyy BOTD, my man.. it’s that time of the year again!!! When is the voting for the 2015 Booty of The Year Award starting?? I mean, no pressure or anything, I’m just asking out of curiosity..

    • botd

      Me and the BOTD Committee and Board of Directors and stuff held a meeting and after much deliberation we decided it would be Blondie Fesser.

      • Pete

        I agree with that 100x over

      • Zorken

        LOL fair enough.. she was the one getting my vote anyway…

        My conscience is clean now because I know that the BOTD Enterprise’s Board of Directors will always make the right choice when it comes to electing the finest ass bitches of the year..

    • BigAssVoyeur

      Thanks for always taking the trouble to help out with the names.

      • primerino

        thanks man, appreciate it.

    • Jay

      who is number 15? I saw her pics on reddit but who is she

      • primerino

        idk man, that’s all i could find of her. without a face its kind of hard to find the source sometimes.

  10. iceman8069

    Numbers 1,2,6,7,8,10 – 15 can all get it! A few of them I will not be pulling out of either..like numbers 1,2 and 10…I’ll leave it in them bad bitches!

  11. beardo

    Those last 2 are niiiiiice.

  12. KingJ

    I would give EVERYTHING in my power, soul & being to them! (In Bed of course) Especially Pic #11

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