21 Responses to Louise Ann Gotitgirl

  1. Bootox

    Hummm…look fake to me, but it’s beautiful anyway!
    There are some pics on her instagram that tell me that it’s fake (especially the one with the blue dress).

  2. LitosChi

    That is REAL….. Not EVERYTHING is fake….

  3. shaft206

    Fake as hell… The ass to thigh ratio doesnt match…

    You cant have twiggy thighs and then suddenly expand to two Spaldings….

    • Yea

      Agreed not possible to have a tiny waist and a big ass with help from a surgeon.

      Another thing is her legs she got them done as well around her thighs. If she gained a little weight then it may look a little better.

    • poohbia


      Yup, this pic is a dead giveaway that its fake. Look at those legs compared to that ass

  4. Pete

    Fake !!!

  5. poohbia

    It looks fake, totally got some injections or something going on

  6. Funkyship

    I don’t think she has implants. Maybe some injections. This is a tough one. For our purposes, I’d say it’s real enough.

  7. bana

    looks fake, but i want it so bad to be real.

  8. blackfrost

    all of that is very nice!!

  9. michael

    Probably fake, but I’ll take it


    I’m assnostic. I can’t know if real or fake unless I get to touch!

  11. jaymak

    Real….she is ultra fine…

  12. Warpig

    i say fake.

  13. mee(a)t

    I say fake. Her thighs are a little to slim for her butt.

  14. bigswole

    her body is cray. thick, perfect , swole buns, no flabbiness.

  15. Naughtynuff4u

    For a moment there @ first glance the caption looks like it reads got tit girl.

  16. Douche Baggins

    I think he meant real or fake as in natural or enhanced. I’m going for natural. It doesn’t have the ripple like most of the jobs that are inflated. Either way, that is one of the mightiest asses ever with her waist size.

    • iheartbutts

      yea i agree. looks natural to me, smooth all around…..

  17. Thewizardsbaker

    Real. No warping of the image. Also undies have pretty real creases

    • FAt Cock

      Real fake, her legs are disproportional to the rest of her. Unless she is of the reptilian kind. In which case she is able to warp her body in many ways. This is beneficial to me since I am in possession of a FAt Cock.

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