27 Responses to Mandy Muse Walks Again (in Fishnet)

  1. Spikeyfr

    Tbh i wouldnt pull out at all. Who wouldnt want to be the baby daddy of her? Id be crazy to pull out

    • iceman8069

      Just kinda got sick of all the “her ass is fake” gibberish..stop! There’s no way this chick’s ass is fake…It’s not even disproportionate to the rest of her body….she just doesn’t have big titties but so what,her ass is juicy as fuck…plain and simple….not everything is manufactured in porn…even though i understand how everyone would think every chick is fake but not true and not true in this case…..

      • iceman8069

        And 1 final point is if you pay attention to this clip,the camera angle makes her ass look huge when it’s not huge just juicy and very proportioned with her body…so it’s not too far off at all from when she started in the biz….i rest my case your honor….lmao

  2. Maxwell

    Her ass is as real as Pamela andersons tits, some of you younger guys may not even know who that is. But she’s obviously enhanced, if you actually believe that she could gain weight only in one area of her body you’re delusional. She stayed thin everywhere else yet her ass got huge, that’s injections all day and daily. Not that I care but BOTD dislikes fake asses.

    • c09

      There’s no way her ass is fake bro. She’s always had that curvy butt she just put on a bit of weight. Nothing about it from the shape to the way it moves suggests that she’s had some work done.

    • Bootox

      It’s hard to believe that her ass is fake. Look at the shape and how the ass moves. A fake (silicon) ass has a more “solid” movement.
      Oh well, I think that it’s natural, but in the end i’m not an expert on enhancements and I can’t prove that her ass is 100% natural.
      I’m still in love with that walk…
      Someone with better knowledge about this topic could tell us something.

    • Maxwell

      Guys, look at her pics before, she had nothing, all of the sudden she appears with a huge ass, yet she hasn’t gained any body fat anywhere else, this is not physically possible. Just like you can’t lose body fat in one section of your body for example your abs, in the same way you can’t gain body fat in only one section of your body I.e the ass. It’s fake fellas, not that there’s anything wrong with that, just wanted to point it out for all the fake booty haters.

  3. Dsam

    brothers, I come here to ask for help if someone knows who is princess who hypnotized me.

    what’s her name?

    what’s her name?

    what’s her name?






  4. Deckard

    Whats crazy about her is that last year, or whenever she first appeared, she was average, then she went on a weight gain spree and shit just all went into the right places.

  5. Smutpeddler

    Does anyone else thing booty walking is the best thing ever? Wow. We’ll done botd

  6. Pete

    The grab of the ass is what got me

  7. Bootox

    A sexy ass passing by turns on a man. She could do this with a tight jeans or yoga pants too….

  8. Blackfrost

    this is very spectacular and everything. i must get more and more. i swear BOTD as long as your site exist, dell where i get my harddrives from will always stay in business cause of me lol.

  9. Traxx

    Still say she should win 2014 Booty of the year

  10. 843bigred


  11. E

    Oh man, that is perfect.

  12. Zorken

    Oh man.. she’s doinh the walk.. again.. ohh MAN DAAYUUMM!

  13. iceman8069

    Goddddd….I would put such a hurtin on her! I might not pull out either….if i did,I would spray all over that ass!

    • poohbia

      You know a chick is bad when you consider not pulling out lol

      • iceman8069

        Word bro! Lol

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