16 Responses to Big Booty Blonde Walking

  1. Liquidswords32

    Looks like Julie cash

  2. uoeno

    that pussy aint fake tho.

  3. Electriwizard

    Fake. There’s a website where you can design your own love doll. You choose body build,hair,skin color, eyes,etc. She’ll never say NO, and it’s low maintenance. “Enhanced” women have competition.

    • Maximillian

      Website name?

  4. Bootox

    Fake, fake, fake. Even the tits look fake. A few more shots showing her walking away would be good to see better.

  5. jonny boy

    it’s a damn shame we have to wonder if an ass is real or fake these days.

    • 843bigred


  6. 843bigred

    That’s a sexy sight. I love when the ass cheeks hang out like that

  7. 843bigred

    Looks damn good to me

  8. Al bundy

    I’m grateful for such a photo but why not get a better angle? Lol. I also require her name.

  9. Justin Sane

    That’s Kip Force. Definitely fake, but you can’t tell her that. Still smash tho.

  10. Smackdatass

    Real? Fake?

    • seanjohn100

      definitely fake. it looks like a diaper and she admitted she had it enhanced on tv but i will say it looks pretty good in jeans

    • poohbia

      Pic #2 is a giveaway that its fake

    • The Real Dundada

      Yeah, it’s fake. She was on an episode of bye Felicia. I love assess, but these pimply fake ones are becoming ridiculous.

      • Scooter

        Liquify tool is so easy to use. This just looks stupid though

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