9 Responses to Pinky Double Pop

  1. Josh Cardynal

    I want that humongous jumbo eastside oaktown oilly hood-ghetto bubble butthole fuck from ms. Pinky xxx butty in her living room!!!!

  2. Jeff

    i love pinky XXX, been busting nuts since freshmen days

  3. mark

    Pinky I luv the way u make that ass move an clap

  4. BIgCjay

    now that’s talent!!

  5. the man

    Its about time there is a sistas ass on this site. How can you have a booty of the day site with no sistas. Damn she got a big ass.

    • botd

      I hearya, but read my comments here…


  6. Bootyman96

    Pinky knows how to shake dat ass. Throw Bandz at it all day

  7. blackfrost

    very nice ass

  8. bana

    damn pinky lookin good

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