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  1. Shawnmac67

    Girl the body is really giving ok ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  2. Lonnz

    That azz is special, and I think it’s real.

  3. damn

    Christmas is here.. more like st. pats

    these two bomb ass booties in one movie


    • botd

      Not sure if you’re an Industry Invaders rep trying to get free pub, but I’ll let this slide since it’s relevant.

  4. Aasslova

    Are you kiddin me? Will worship her dayum

  5. poohbia

    Its fake, looking through her twitter, I can tell she probably had some ass already, then went larger with injections or surgery

    Still a good post though

  6. bootox

    Hard to tell. She has beautiful wide hips (also a pretty face), but something about her ass makes me think it’s fake. Hope I’m wrong.

    Some nude or bikini pics could help in the analysis.

    Great find, certainly.

  7. Joetuss

    Straight from the Motherland and it don’t get no better

  8. Electriwizard

    Magnificent!! As I have stated before: there are beautiful creatures in all colors of the rainbow. This girl is a perfect example of grade A ebony booty. How ’bout a bikiny loop? Or nude, maybe?

  9. Another Thickness Appreciator

    Okay, so this comment is a bit unrelated to the actual post (which is phenomenal) but hear me out…

    I’m assuming some of you guys use Tinder in some capacity or another. I, like many other men I’m assuming, regularly come across very thick, curvy, ordinary women who’s pictures exhibit their extraordinary bodies in this unusual context. The tone and content of the photos I see vary quite a bit, but across all of this variety lies a unique exposure to thick women that sort of resembles the experience one has in a public space when a ‘mega pawg’ finds it’s way into their field of vision. Naturally, a lot of these women aren’t interested in exhibiting their bodies via the mediums you see online (tumblr, amateur porn, instagram, etc). They’re just people going about their lives like anyone else. The fact that they possess bodies with these fantastic proportions may not be as exciting to them as it is to the men who dig that sort of thing – which to me, personally, is a point that makes this hypothetical ‘ordinary thick woman’ very appealing.

    So, when I am swiping along on Tinder and I come across an exceptionally thick woman, I take a screenshot. Over time, I’ve accumulated a little pool of these images for my personal review. Odds are though, these women wouldn’t want to have their pictures circulating around the internet and can’t help but take that into consideration. However, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a few of these screenshots kicking around in their phone.

    So, what are the thoughts on this matter? Have any of you found any of these sorts of screenshots online? Would there be a way to responsibly share this content? I would appreciate any of your opinions and or experiences with sort of thing – if any.

    • botd

      I don’t know, but feel free to send the pics to our research lab at bootyoftheday@gmail.com.

    • Aalim Chin

      Honestly I see nothing wrong with taking screen shots. If the girls really didn’t want their pics out there they they shouldn’t have put their pics out there lol.

  10. Charles Hill

    That is one hundred percent all natural.

  11. BlackBrockSampson

    This girl loves to show off her assets on snapchat. South African natural grade A meat right there

    • Daniel

      What’s her snapchat?

  12. realreal

    gggoodd, this has to be ass of the year. It can’t be fake look at those hips. Man i’m in total complete love.

  13. iceman8069

    Damn she is fuckin amazing! She’d get pregnant!


    Mann you guys are bringing back my teen love to the black booty!! Droools

  15. Pete

    hahahaha twerking African friends….

  16. Bootylover

    It’s easy to say something’s fake. Where’s the motherfucking evidence?

  17. zay

    its been confirmed that her and her twerking African friends have fake asses. But she still looks soo good

  18. C.A.

    You know what’s better than one pro twerker? Four pro twerkers!


  19. Alf


  20. iheartbutts

    geeeezuz. so sexy.

    fraudulent or not, looks good in clothes. lol.

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