12 Responses to Golden Girl

  1. rez

    That ass looks familiar…..Brianna Love?

  2. caballoloco

    holly halston

  3. Lovamee Somphatback

    I’m going with Flower Tucci..Final Answer Alex(Jeopardy)

  4. botd

    I have no idea who this is. The pic is like 2+ years old. But a little birdie told me you’ll be disappointed if you find out.

    • E


  5. Day

    Please some one tell us who this is!!!

  6. Mike

    We must know who this is

  7. Asheman


  8. 843bigred

    Just sexy is all I can say

  9. Fam

    It ain’t Golddust

    • Tboogz

      Rofl!! No1 caught that!? Fam, that was perfect! Put a smile on my face! Lol

  10. Jason

    OMFG!!!!! Who is that??!! GOLDEN CAKE!!!! 😀 😀

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