16 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 4

  1. Funkyship

    “Too thick”? I think a “thick” woman is one that has a bit of a tummy in addition to a big ass. All of these girls look pretty fit to me. Anyways, nice selection!

  2. Moion

    I agree, very nice selection. Perfect thick booties… whatever you call em.

  3. Boooty freak

    I like them like that. That is sexy as hell.

  4. Just My Style

    “Too thick???” Are you kidding me, these gals are gorgeous! I definitely don’t find the stick-with-boobs types neither appealing nor sexy. Keep up the good work!

  5. Chukou

    They are all HOT!!! My type of women. Sexy, Thick n Curvey!!!

  6. Bee

    Meagan Pineapple! In the red Leggings. Now that’s a whooty!

  7. Bee

    Dude Maria Menounos for celebrities 2.0 . Also Minka Kelly or like we said Mila Kunis. All three wear yoga pants a lot. Thanks

  8. Guy

    naaames please?

    • Bee

      The girl in the red leggings is Meagan Pineapple

  9. Funkyship
  10. Clint

    How da girl in Black plz let me no

  11. adamlovejoy

    Who is the girl in image 2 and 5? I have been searching for ever and cant fid her! She is crazy hot!

  12. tbo

    7th pic, black pants gir name, please.

  13. Ron

    Who is number 9 the two photos in white?

  14. natsudante

    2,3,4,5,6,8,14 please?????

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