11 Responses to Brazilian Lap Dance

  1. Not a lap dance

    Thats not a lap dance thats exercise for HER and a beating for HIM

  2. dreamworker

    Death by lap dance

  3. Udder Appreciation


  4. AnotherAnon

    Surra de Bunda

  5. Anon7389

    oh god, his face hahahahaha

  6. Collin jones

    Lol Lap dance Upgraded to a face dance. . .Lol This What Im Talking Buh#Samba ladies! Samba!

  7. Donnie Darko

    funny to watch. but broken nose and testes, no thanks.

  8. blackfrost

    that looks painful more then fun lol

  9. dannt

    WTF????? hahaha, that looks more like a BRUTALITY, and a chick from mortal kombat, hahah
    I wouldn’t get a round those flawless victory chicks….

  10. Squidhunter

    That Chick will HURT you…

    • Maximed


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