8 Responses to Fine Friday Frontals – Part 2

  1. Suresh

    Lovely collection!

  2. Mingtian

    Who is #6 and #8????

  3. Snoopy

    Who is number eight? she’s devine.

  4. Asslover

    the nr 2 girls is Lenka Gaborova.
    Does anyone know the name of nr and 10

  5. Rick Lewis

    I’d like to know all their names great posting.

  6. freelove

    what is the name of the girl in the second photo?

    • shnoobins

      I’ve been painstakingly trying to identify her. I’ve manage to trace the image back to a website called; photodromm where she is known by the name Lenka.

      • shnoobins

        Lenka Gaborova.

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