Frontal Curves Battle

In your personal opinion of course, who has the best curves from the front?

From top-left to bottom-right, we have Jaye Rose, Jayden Jaymes, Amber Cutie, and Tiffany Cappotelli. Was gonna add more, but I’ll save them for Part 2, maybe against the winner of this one.

You can full-screen each one on desktop for closer analysis, or press the expand button to make them all bigger. Or press their names where it says Tagged below to see more of them.

Jaye Rose via | Jayden Jaymes via | Amber Cutie via | Tiffany Cappotelli via

34 Responses to Frontal Curves Battle

  1. Thankgodforus

    a bit unfair botd no?

    that tiff vid is pretty old.. shes sso thin in it. maybe 19.. 21 now.. growing into a woman.. ill give it to u tho.. ambers body here is glorious!

  2. Gerado jimenez


  3. Gerado jimenez

    esta buena toda esa cosa

  4. Bootyman96

    I like 3/4 of these girls cause idk Tiffany, but I have to say I go for Amber. Jaye and Jayden are awesome, but Amber’s body is a little bit better than the others and have you people seen her cam shows?! Damn man, go to pornhub or xvideos and find her recorded shows and tell me what you think?

  5. Maxwell

    For once I agree with botd

  6. Dreadnought

    Always Jaye Rose. But Amber Cutie surprised me. Tiff is fine but boring and Jayden is too fake for me.

  7. newt

    1. Jaye Rose
    2. Amber Cutie
    3. Jayden Jaymes (should be in other category as Jada Stevens)
    4. Tiffany Cappotelli

  8. Jamal

    Amber Cutie

  9. dreamworker

    Tiffany Cappotelli

  10. john

    Tiffany BARELY edges out Amber. please dont make me choose just one. I think all contestants should be presented. This is tough and I know that BOTD will make the next voting ballot even tougher.

  11. Beardo

    Going to roll with my girl Tiffany. Always have; always will.

  12. Ichikoro

    Amber Cutie

  13. Spungn

    I’m gonna do something that’s proly NEVER been done in the history of voting…….I’m nominating Jay Rose AND Tiffany for this one!!! Sorry, can’t decide between those two

  14. poohbia

    This is tough..Jayden has the most fit body of the bunch, but im gonna have to go with Jaye Rose

  15. Jerome

    jayden james 100%

  16. Bootox

    Well, hard to choose, but based on these frontals I’ll stay with JAYE ROSE!

    She has a pretty face, got the best wide hips from the four AND her titties are beautiful! So, the best in general.

    • Beans

      Foreal brother. Her tits are so beautiful I could cry! Omg! her tits are perfect! Jaye Rose no doubt about it!

  17. BSD

    Friends –

    +1 Jaye Rose.


  18. Seb

    Amber Cutie wins

  19. Bigbutlover

    AmberCutie for me, handsdown

  20. Hikikomori

    Amber Cutie.

  21. Scrupto

    Jayden James… and after her Jaye Rose

  22. Horny Tom

    Number one all the way. Look at those hips….

    Thanks for the blue balls BOTD! Keep up the good work lol

    JAYE ROSE all day everyday.

  23. DG

    considering that face is also part of a woman’s ‘frontal’ appearance and that JJ is the most beautiful in the face of the 4 there is no doubt my wife JJ should win 🙂

  24. blackfrost

    man this is a hard one….lol that’s what she said…but anyways i have to go with jaye rose with Tiffany coming in a very very close second

  25. W

    Without a doubt Jaye Rose.

  26. botd

    This time I’m voting for Amber Cutie cause I like the way she looks in her cams. And my vote counts like 2 and a half votes cause that’s just how it is.

    • Nick

      #3 for sure

      • Douche Baggins

        I’m all in on Amber Cutie for this based on what you posted… she’s got the smooth hip curves and the whole package here more so than the rest.

  27. MB

    Jayden James, for sure.

  28. pizdec

    #3 is perfect!!!

    • Nick

      Same here

  29. Pete

    I’m going with Jayden Jaymes

  30. DC

    Tiffany ftw 4dayz! 🙂

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