50 Responses to Cup Cake Naked Jiggle Walk

  1. GDUB

    A definite smash.

  2. Daniel Day Lewis

    Any more videos of her ?

    • botd

      A couple, but it was a long time ago, so I don’t have them anymore.

  3. GSLUB

    I would gladly smash all day.

  4. GDUB

    Does anyone know her name?

  5. GDUB

    I would love to smash her.

  6. GDUB

    I just love the way her cheeks fight each other.

    • ArmynerdTX

      Asses like that = proof that nature is amazing

      • Grice

        On god

  7. GDUB

    Wish I was the camera man

  8. AzzBender

    I’d smash, based on my own personal standards of course. Couldn’t care less what others think of her 😉

  9. Bobby

    So sexy

  10. Fam

    Smash. You gotta have an appreciation for the thick girls too.

  11. blackfrost

    i would still hit it. i like thick girls and everyone has their view on what’s a dime and what’s a penny. to me she is a 6 but i would still take her home.

  12. Lia


  13. dayum

    geez pass *

  14. This guy!

    Uhmmm… that face is kind of bleehhh… Yeah I get it, she has that ass, but ehhh…that face is killing me.

    • Lia

      What ass do y’all see?!?! All I’m seein is a ice cream cake that’s been sittin in the sun for an hour..

      • mee(a)t

        Lol my thoughts exactly. Her ass looks like it’s sinking into her thighs

      • Caesar

        Hahahahhahaha damn

  15. big dawg


    ok im finished lol

  16. big dawg
  17. Ricon2hoyo

    Asslisciously delicious!

  18. ALBO

    found another one of her short video


    • tommytbaron

      Nice one, man.

  19. Smash til you crash

    Keep on smashin. Any links to more of her?

  20. Kekunsan

    Smash!!!!!!!!! No bueno!!!!

  21. mee(a)t

    I think you guys would fuck anything at this point

    • Caesar

      ^I’m sayin

  22. bigswole

    this is one of those you smash repeatedly and don’t tell nobody. that’s good clean work but nothin to brag about.

    • Bootox

      I agree. I would smash it, but she is not a 10/10 on nothing. It’s more like a 5.5/10…not something to brag about.
      If it’s just because of the ass you people have to look back a few posts to see Rosee Divine. It’s a good standard for natural asses…

  23. Caesar

    That ass when in comparison with this ass (//bootyoftheday.co/2014/09/02/mssassysue-runway-booty/)
    I’d say I have to pass

    • tommytbaron

      Man, you can have that starving beanpole chick. I’ll take the meaty ass girls like this one.

    • GrandMasterAss

      With standards like that you must still be a virgin

      • Cupcake313


    • Caesar

      If she’s a bean pole, not sure if I’d want to see what your version of thick is……

      And yea, no havin standards doesn’t mean I’m a virgin, just means I’m not tryin to fuck everything that walks past me –> Quality > Quantity.*

      *No offense intended.

      • Lia

        Nah dude, your completely right. My ass is decent, I think my ass is fucking fantastic after hearing what people think of this. Lol

    • Vertigo

      Quantity >>>>>> Quality

      Deal with it

  24. Maxamilli

    You gotta hit it, but just save it for the “late night tip”.

  25. phil

    So nice

  26. Jason


  27. GrandMasterFlash

    It’s so imperfectly perfect…natural asses are hard to come by these days. I think it goes without saying. Smash.

    • Glencocoe

      Especially without fisheye lenses

  28. BSD

    BOTD –

    You’re kidding, right?

    This is a trick question, right?

    Man, you mofos would have to pull me off of this girl.



    • ArmynerdTX

      Lmao right

  29. Tha Man

    Smash, right in that ass repeatedly

  30. Troublemaker

    10/10, would destroy like an atomic bomb.

  31. Warpig


  32. tommytbaron

    Damn. Something about that jiggle and the heels. I’d probably have a heart attack pounding that girl!!

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