Bikini Booty Walking

Second one is stabilized.

On a side note… Seems like Chrome sucks now. This site loads and looks better in Firefox and even IE nowadays. So if you’re experiencing slowness and choppiness, use those. On mobile, download Firefox for mobile.

9 Responses to Bikini Booty Walking

  1. Adder McCoy

    First that Bitch knows what she doing to everyone Second, I should know cause I thought that was one of my Big ass sisters, realize couldn’t be this ass to small. Totally serious.

  2. Electriwizard

    My eyes thank you

  3. Must know her name

    Who is this wonderful woman?

  4. Yeezus

    For mobile browser, I use Naked Browser Pro. Doesn’t lag on my tablet as much as Firefox and chrome does. Nice snappy crisp web browsing. FWIW…

  5. Bootyman96

    She got that walk like she own te whole damn island.

    • Jack Ass

      I just had me an after effect, if only I could warp stabilize me shaky hand.

      • botd

        haha shhh remember

      • bob

        Is there a longer version?

        • botd

          Forgot where I got it from. But it’s only like 10 seconds longer. And it’s sideways cause the dude shot it vertically (with a digital camera, not a phone).

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