11 Responses to Elena Heiress Walking Throwback

  1. NewGuy

    What movie is this clip from? What an ass on her.

  2. Roland garza

    great. but whats with that mr. mix statue?

  3. realreal

    come on give us some black booty

  4. naughtynuff4u

    she really does throw her back from what i have seen.

  5. Charlie

    God damn…to be the cameraman who does these scenes…Im pretty sure all of us could die happy with that job.

  6. Poohbia

    Its a shame she never did IR, always wanted to see that ass go up against BBC

    • glenncocoe

      I know 🙁 it made me so sad. Still love that body though.

  7. JamalDuvall

    Love Elena!!! This walking vid is nice….BUT do you have or can you get the vid of her walking on a rooftop with green booty shorts? I’m not sure if its a bangbros vid but that one has to be one of her best booty scenes.

    • glenncocoe

      Filthys ass obsession 2 is the vid name if you find a working link or vid in original definition pleaseeeee post it or just DL & re-up yourself. I’m trying to find it myself

  8. iceman8069

    She always had such a great ass!

  9. Yeah


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