23 Responses to How Many Booty Claps…

  1. Blackydicky

    25 no more 😉

  2. mike barnes


  3. ExRaided

    took some effort but i counted 29

  4. jboogie

    31 for sure

  5. ccsg

    im gonna say you white boys are idiots
    thats NOT booty/ass clapping

  6. josiah


  7. bernie carpstinkenson

    I’m on a date with her right now :0

  8. L boogie

    Who is this girl?

  9. 585DADDY

    32 for sure, and for the record this site is the shizz, never ever before have I cum across a site with not only GREAT booty snips but the place where you got it from for us to keep, I think im in love lmao. rest assured I will spread the word PROPZ!

  10. Ben

    I say 31 which yo fine ass

  11. Tanked

    I counted 29 and then became hypnotized. @______@

  12. Luvdabooty

    Who can count…I’m just staring !!

  13. Boss

    I lose count after 1 actually !! lol

  14. green guy

    man what a talent! This website always had great ass content, thank you!

  15. Jojo

    31.. I’m pretty sure! I watched it the first few times without counting. Lol

  16. Peter Parker

    Ima say 28 after couple false starts on second round.

  17. efeferrari

    28 😀

  18. botd

    In case anybody didn’t know, any video loops can be downloaded the same way you download a pic (from the context menu).

    Just for laughs… Any “real” booty inspector would dl the clip, open it up in VLC Media Player or something, then put it on super slo mo for a more accurate count, and maybe for other reasons if the need ummm…arises.

  19. Uea

    I say 29

  20. boom

    34 but who cares that’s just awwwwwwwwwwwwsome

    • botd

      True who cares, just trying to get you folks to comment a little more. But what if our people contact her people about that date and then it’s on? You’ll be glad you gave it a try.

  21. HeruTheHeretic


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