Mandy Muse Walking in a Short Skirt

Even more short video clips of bubble booty porn star Mandy Muse walking outdoors.

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36 Responses to Mandy Muse Walking in a Short Skirt

  1. Danny D

    In Love With This Ass, Ass Is The Answer To World Peace

  2. JJ

    does anyone know who this girl is?

  3. beardo

    Mandy Muse booty is one of My favorites.

  4. josha

    What scene /”movie” is this post from? Her arse is insane.

  5. botd

    This is probably one of the only times I ever posted anal…


    Only realized later that it might be going in the bumhole. I mean I’m still not sure. Is it?

    Ladies, don’t get me wrong. Umm I’m an expert on female genitalia. Of course I know the difference.

    • Poohbia

      I’ve seen that video, that part is anal

  6. glm
    • measuring tape dick

      Did you ever find out her name?

  7. Fan of ass

    Did you see the new and “improved” Valerie Kay?

  8. NotaBot

    Waste of a nice ass when you don’t do anal, I hate seeing women in porn with some great ass but no anal, like Sara Jay, worthless. Can’t speak for everyone obviously, but for me, vaginal porn is boring as hell to watch. Love that shit in the real but to see porn stars, its just beyond boring. I rather watch them get pounded in the ass and fake it.

    • Trevasotilo

      Exactly, though I am not a fan of Sara Jay – because she is too old for my taste.

  9. mondotoken

    I’m tired of the excessive facials and jerking off money shots. Fucking redundant as hell.

  10. TNS

    We all know the tube sites have filters you can select to narrow down your content by category….A long time ago I stumbled onto a site that let you filter content by what you DIDN’T want as well as what you wanted. I was able to “de-select” anal and remove anything with “anal” tags from the search. It was miraculous.

    I can’t for the life of me find this site, or any that allow you to “de-select” content filters. If anyone knows of such a place, a tube site of milk and honey, please let me know.

  11. Greg

    If that won’t make you harder than a rock i don’t know what will, instant boner!!

  12. Al Bundy

    That ass reminds me of Alexis Texas. Not sure why. Lol

  13. Smackdatass

    i need to share this- this woman has an AMAZING ass:

    Apologies to those of you who don’t like anal..

    • botd

      That’s okay. As long as you warn us like that before posting anal links.

  14. Darkaholic

    Deep conversation here.

    All hail the booty

  15. kEVo

    thanks for all the amazing booty. You outdid yourself with this one

  16. ks4714

    That’s not a skirt, that’s a damned fruit rollup, and I’m feeling mighty hungry right now!!!

  17. Pete

    With an ass like that, she can do whatever she likes

  18. iceman8069

    Love that booty!

  19. Rekka_Kien

    such a damn shame that she has such an amazing ass, yet all she does is anal. just like Kelly divine. like what the fuck. does these bitches pussies like not work or something?

    • naughtynuff4u

      they probably don’t want to get pregnant but that’s not a good reason not to have vaginal intercourse. why do girls prefer anal anyways? its not that their anuses have periods to clean itself that’s the whole purpose to use a vagina. it’s called sexual intercourse. i mean shit (no pun), the word “sex” is not in the word “anal”.

      • ilovesomebooty

        I think it has to do with being paid more for doing Anal. That’s the only logic explanation as to why she mostly does anal. I get so upset when i see a new scene of her. But to then discover that its an anal scene.

        Mandy muse has this phenominal ass. Amazing curves, cute face. And ofcourse she does anal. I can’t even find any more new content without seeing Anal, Anal and more Anal. Its like guys are trying to hide their bi sexual urges.

        It bafles me when guys on pornsites say stuff like “Wtf, why isn’t she doing anal?!”. Go watch gay porn or shemale porn. Then you’ll see tons of Anal porn!

        A pussy is there for a reason. Use it goddamit!

        • botd

          I agree. There’s nothing I find appealing about anal at all. Can’t even stand to look at it. But apparently lots of guys like it and there’s a huge market for it since all the porn sites have it. Maybe they get more sign ups from guys that are into that, I dunno. All I know is there’s gonna be no anal activity on this site. The only times I posted anal is when I made a mistake and thought it was going in the pussy.

          • botd

            Maybe somebody that likes anal can tell us what they find appealing about it. I’m pretty sure the tightness is one factor.

          • fam

            lmao @ “made a mistake” . I think anal is a nice concept but not in practice. I like watching about 40 seconds before i’m over it.

          • Trevasotilo

            BOTD as an anal fan I am really sad to hear that you don’t upload anal content on purpose, and on the other hand, I have found very good scenes by the girls on your site – some of the girls I have never seen before, yet they were amazing anal queens.

            Anal has very different appeal to different fans. And I’ll break it by popularity and the different appeal. Pussy fucking is not a turn on for most anal porn enthusiasts unless the girl is very hot and not faking, but thats about 1% of all the scenes that come out.

            Group 1 The majority enjoy anal especially with younger or tighter girls, or newcomers to the fetish, and enjoy watching scenes such as those by tushy or passionhd – sometimes brazzers or rk. I guess the appeal is that the girl is very hot and does something dirty, kinda like – blowjob deepthroat thing.

            Group 2 (im in this one) is – where people enjoy big asses being pounded in the tightest hole, and if that ass hole is clean (no hemmhoroids or warts or any dents etc) its even better – most from this group also enjoy the ocassional gape – so something like mandy muse gape rather than sheena shaw. common sites for this group are realitykings, brazzers, perfectgonzo, maybe julesjordan, or assholefever – and the appeal here is big asses (preferably) and new to anal girls, or young girls… with gaping anuses etc…

            The third and the group that is in the minority – is mainly about as hardcore as possible, focuses on mostly on big gapes, young flexible girls, and the majority of sites are everythingbutt, roccosifredi, legalporno, THIS SCENE with mandy muse and mike adriano etc… the appeal here might be that gaping part – the ass hole really getting destroyed, and used as hardcore as possible without holding back..

            -there is another more extreme group with stars like – hotkinkyjo, roxy raye, dirtygardengirl etc.. who mostly focus on big out of proportion insertions – and some of the content once seen cannot be unseen.

          • botd

            Thanks dude. I love reading about different views people have and why they have them. No sarcasm. Especially when they break it down like that without trying to pass it off as the only correct view.

            The fact that none of that stuff turns me on tho makes me realize even more that everybody’s different and we’re all born with different programming. It’s just so obvious to me that nobody chooses what they like, and I just don’t understand why other people can’t see that.

            I mean one of my best friends loves anal and he’s always trying to convince me of all the glories and wonders of girls’ buttholes. I think it’s human nature tho to try to get people to like what you like, so don’t be disappointed if I’m not into anal. Who cares what I like.

            Anyway, that being said, sorry bro, no anal allowed here on BOTD.

          • botd

            Trev I think most people that are into BOTD will probably read your comment in disgust, but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot that’ll be like “Yeah man, that’s what I’m talking about. Let me Google some of that stuff.” So thanks again for sharing that.

      • Pete

        Getting PG is NOT the reason they choose to do anal

    • poohbia

      I agree with everyone here, but there are some chicks that actually like anal

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