10 Responses to Sexy Nerdy

  1. Chukou

    I love her!!! I want her!!! Thick n Phat!!! Hao chi!!!

    • Chukou

      Please hook me up, I promise I will do a good job. Wo you da didi hai wo de didi you hen duo jingyan!!!

      • Chukou

        She’s my favorite!!!

  2. Re

    “Tempted to say photoshop but idk. ” Tempted?!?!? Ummm what happend to the panties behind her left hand??? Photoshop and bad at that. C’mon people, let’s stick to real women

    • The panties behind her left hand go under her hand/arm, back up to the top of her ass then down between her ass cheeks. That’s how thong panties fit when they’re on. They’re not granma drawers. Even the original pic is like that. Umm I mean…that’s how it is.

  3. Luke Skywalker

    Vivian Chau

  4. aalimchin

    Tempted to say photoshop but idk. If real, damn!!!

  5. Bootylover88


  6. lelouth

    who’s this fine lady

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