37 Responses to What’s Under That Dress

  1. aluvio

    Fat ass puss

  2. Please

    anyone has an updated link? please I spent all day looking for it but all the vids are removed 🙁

  3. jaymak

    White girl built for backshots…send her this way

  4. frank

    Que vagina tan rica

  5. mee(a)t

    I didn’t know she was ugly. I would still pass because I’m not a fan of lumpy booty

  6. Myron degaines

    Is she a pawg or Latina? It’s hard to tell

  7. Queefsniffer

    Maybe on a drunk, club nite; post college years..

  8. majin

    link to video ? this is my first comment on this website after lurking so much , she is fine her face is perfectly normal with a great body to go with it , *** the guy who brought up cottage cheese , like really ?

    • yoyo

      lol you know that’s when some of these guys become fap elitists, this girl is fuckin fine, I guess there is bread and “Bread”

  9. David

    Come on guys i’ve been searching for the video clip all day :/

  10. Digao
  11. mm

    She’s not ugly, on most videos she’s without makeup, at least without professional makeup. I’d like to see how much would you like your favourite porn star or model without makeup.
    Miss Virgo’s face would look better than 99% of pornstars if she went through the hands of the same makeup artists.

    • yoyo

      couldnt agree more!

    • botd

      Good point.

      Here’s proof…


  12. Drisvisic

    I’d cuff that. She’s cute enough.

  13. Chaos

    She doesn’t have the prettiest face by any stretch of the imagination but boy does that ass look tasty.

  14. c lawes

    super fine

  15. David

    Link of video?

  16. botd

    Man you guys are mean. Good thing I didn’t @ her when I tweeted this. She’s prettier than she was before tho.

  17. Brent

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGG! Da sweetest ass on the net

  18. blackfrost

    she is a twerking queen, i love it

  19. Pawgslayer

    Good ol VIRGO! Ugly, but ass for days!!!

  20. bigswole

    Daaaaaammmnnn, son! She earthquake twerkin! Would go ham on Virgot!

  21. OldDirtyPants

    A real butterface to show its all about the ass.

    • MattyD

      I agree. Face isn’t much. Would put dick in her mouth along with dat azz!!!
      Got azz for sure!!!

  22. bootyaddict

    Am I the only one that would have to pass on that ass?

    • yoyo

      most likely lol

    • MJ

      Nope. Her face looks like a broken foot…

    • Udder Appreciation

      I’d probably join you in the passing lane. I’m generally not attracted the sloppy accumulation of lumpy fat dimples unflattering referred to as “cottage cheese”; as women with such physical manifestations are likely more interested in stuffing their faces with junk food over healthy eating and exercise. I also can’t abandon the idea that every room Virgo shakes her ass in rapidly becomes hot-boxed with a stench of Doritos and tuna.

      But to each their own. I’m not saying there’s anything objectively wrong with this girl… just not my personal subjective preference. Opposed to my intuitions, she may very well be an awesome fuck.

  23. DC

    Virgo always +1! She’s got an unbelievable ass!

  24. John

    Who’s that?

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