6 Responses to Big Booty in a Garter Belt

  1. TMF

    I dont like to mix my fetish with my social media. I prefer visiting this site 92 times a day.

  2. SexShop Sexinbox

    que delĂ­cia hein! Adorooooo garter

  3. eddy

    Yeah if its anything like the stuff you post on your facebook page then its not sexually explicit at all. No worst than what girls post on their own pages.

  4. J J Jones

    huh, I too wonder what “sexually explicit ” means….not this, right???? //bootyoftheday.co/2013/06/04/wu-tang-booty-bang/

    • botd

      Yeah that’s the good thing about building a site. You can post whatever you want and not have to worry about conforming to somebody else’s rules and personal values.

      Stuff we posted to G+ was tame by comparison though, and I’m pretty sure anybody that followed us on there would agree.

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