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  1. Felipe Garcia

    How, I wish that was me fucking her. Very nice ass. Love it.

  2. Pototo

    Where is the free link for Jadas?

  3. dd

    Jada is natural??

  4. poohbia
    • botd

      May be Cat Bangles.

      • poohbia

        I think it is, props

  5. sam

    Seems like a odd placement for a piercing

  6. Dibz

    That’s a big (beautiful and sexy) one !!!


  7. Anonymous

    Anyone know who this is?


    • poohbia

      Who is this?

    • Slayer08

      Shes amazing!
      Anybody know who she is?

    • Cuernador

      Hi, What is the name of this beauty?

    • tallwomenfav3

      We NEED to know who’s this thick awesomeness!!

  8. BSD

    Friends –

    Jada Stevens is Porn Hall of Fame. She has one of those rare porn bodies that at some point could appeal to most anyone’s porn taste. Yeah, someone will complain about her nose, or complain that she never got her tits done, or her face is not a 10, but her body has been a porn dream.

    Over the course of her career she has been slender to slightly thick, slim to curvy, and sometimes all at the same time. And she has had a couple of different makeovers to her look that have almost always worked.

    The thing about her that I like most of all is that we saw her NATURALLY mature into her shapely womanly body. She wasn’t always that way. At last count I had 107 of her porn scenes and at the beginning she was this scrawny, skinny 19 year old girl rockin’ stringy blonde hair. Nothing memorable at all about her. She had the makings of a nice little bubble, but that was about it. But over the course of 10 years she has matured into a GROWN ASS WOMAN, and it has been our pleasure to watch. She has said that she did go into the gym and did squats which helped with the thickness and shapeliness of her ass, thighs and legs, but some of that was just the natural girl to woman process. And when she went from the mousey blonde to the full Jennifer Anniston brunette ‘do, right about the same time that her body thickened, her career just blew up. There have been times when that ass has made me weep.

    She has done a great job.


    • Zorken

      Man, I love insightful comments like this..

      I say booties like Jada are winners on the genetic lottery.. yeah, as you said, squats can help shaping up the thighs, but I doubt she would look that much different if she never worked out. A chick can’t get that big, fat, jiggly bubble butt by doing the usual gym work out that fitness girls do (they usually end up with asses that look hard and toned as opposed to soft and bouncy). Jada and her kind are genetic wonders through and through..

    • C.A.

      You got a blog?

    • bootox

      You’re wise, bro. Those who complain about her tits or her face know nothing. I’d rather her tits any day than those “balls” some girls in the business attach to their bodies. Seriously, there are girls with great bodies and just because their tits aren’t big enough, they go on with surgery and end up screwing her own bodies. It’s not beautiful at all (a good example is Alexis Breeze).

      I say, give me a girl with small tits but with thick legs and a great ass over those girls with fake balloon tits and no ass any day.

      Jada deserves props mainly because she knows the job.

    • Ozz

      The fact that she stay natural is probably one of the reasons why she’s my favorite porn star. I’m not going to body shame any chick in the industry that gets work done on their body, but I really don’t like it either.

  9. Yabajaba

    The shit you find when you’re clicking around a bunch of Arab sites…


    • vikivik


      awesooome..share bro

    • Dat Spear

      The real fucking MVP

  10. Beardo

    Jada the GOAT! Still wish Remy was in the game though.

    • bootox

      WHAT?! Remy’s out of the business? Crap…

  11. Iceman8069

    Goddard I fucking love this chick!!!!

  12. Zorken

    Oh, Jada Stevens… one of the few thin girls that I would love to smash.. the fact of her being thin was no excuse to not have an ass, so that’s a lesson for all those no-ass thin girls out there (what the hell, it’s all just genetics, I’m tripping lol)

    I give my props to Jada for remaining in the scene for all this long.. I did my research and found out that she entered this business in 2008!! So many fine asses just do a couple of scenes and then leave, but Jada is faithful to her vocation, like an old warrior or something lol.. seriously I kinda feel grateful for her staying and showing her ass getting pounded so many times so I can blow my load while watching it… wow, I’m really emotional today..

    • naughtynuff4u

      you basically speak for myself with this post. I wanted to type some things about her and body preference. And that is you don’t have to voluptuous body to have a big round ass. Even girls with wide hips don’t have a shaped-ass like most girls out there. Especially on IG.

      Jada Stevens hasn’t grown on me as much, but(t) (ha see what i did there? lol.) I will hand her the credit for being where she is for this long. She should do more booty posts than porn, really. Because I don’t watch her videos for the sex but her ass and I’m not the first person to think that.

      • Zorken

        Haha nice. Yep, I saw what you did there, lol..

        Indeed. I honestly prefer the intro of the scenes where they show Jada walking around and shaking her ass while naked befor the actual fucking starts. That is what arouses me the most.

  13. vikivik


    Hey Pls Somebody Find out who this girl is…????

    Apart from booty she got amazing body proportions….

    • moon child


    • Beardo

      You can have the females like that. No thanks.

      • Pete

        Agreed !!! Y’all can keep her

  14. Sweet Jeebus

    Jada, you da best, you da, you da best

    • Traxx

      What he said

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