Nat Foxx Thick Urban Model


Seen those last two selfies floating around before but didn’t know it was her.

via and @Natalie_Foxx

10 Responses to Nat Foxx Thick Urban Model

  1. realreal

    that’s big! Damn. But why these white thick girls have to act like black women?

    • Pete

      Black, white, yellow or brown…as long as she has a big ass, I’ll always be down !!

      • ks4714

        I see what you did there… nicely played sir, nicely played!!!

    • poohbia

      How do you know she is “acting?”

      What if she is just being herself?

  2. blackfrost

    lol she has a tattoo like Julia Bond. very nice thou, wouldn’t mind seeing the two of them together.

  3. ks4714

    Hope she’s a better lay than she is a housekeeper. Selfie models should at least clean the mirror before taking pics. Can’t see on 6 or 7

    • botd

      That’s partially my fault. The first selfie pic I had to lighten up the shadows a little bit, so it kinda made the dirtiness more visible. My bad Natalie. Still 10/10, would bang.

      • ks4714

        I never said I wouldn’t bang, just wouldn’t hire her to clean my house… that is, UNLESS she wore the French Maid outfit and had to bend over a LOT!!!

        but I’d probably hire a real maid to redo the place, afterwards…. 🙂

  4. Jason

    Do you have a link to any of the videos that she is in?

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