17 Responses to Thick Asians in One-Pieces – Part 1

  1. alex

    Very nice set.

  2. asdf

    most of these are from the company called “まぐろ物産” (MAGURO), if not all.
    it’s official blog is here:

  3. ilovebooty

    i’m confused. who are the girls in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th pictures?

    • botd

      3rd is Naho Hazuki. 4th and 5th are Haruka Sakurai.

      • ilovebooty

        where can i find these vids?

        • botd

          They have previews at maguro721.com … use Chrome to get translations. I think they sell the DVDs there but they’re expensive. Otherwise you have to search for them online.

          • searcher

            Ive search all over marguro721 and i can find one video preview .. or even a link to buy. Can you help?

          • botd

            Go here and click each thumbnail. The preview clip should appear on the right.


  4. Exile

    Do you know the name of the girl in green (the 2nd one)

    • botd

      Her name is Reiko Nakamori. Here’s another gif set of her with a link to the video.

      • lelouth

        from which movie is the 2nd reiko nakamori gif?

        • botd

          If you mean the first gif, the first two gifs I got from this sample video… Hyperedge QDN-16.

  5. phatasslover

    from which movie is the last gif? thanks

  6. Bootylover88

    Thick and tight!
    Need to move to asia!

  7. lelouth

    we need a name of each and every single one of them

    • botd

      I just added the names. They’re on the bottom of the post where it says “tagged.”

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