17 Responses to Thick Asians in One-Pieces – Part 1

  1. lelouth

    we need a name of each and every single one of them

    • botd

      I just added the names. They’re on the bottom of the post where it says “tagged.”

  2. Bootylover88

    Thick and tight!
    Need to move to asia!

  3. phatasslover

    from which movie is the last gif? thanks

    • botd

      Maguro-001 … Here’s another scene from it along with a link to the preview clip. It’s bad quality tho. Her name is Chiharu Nakasaki.

  4. Exile

    Do you know the name of the girl in green (the 2nd one)

    • botd

      Her name is Reiko Nakamori. Here’s another gif set of her with a link to the video.

      • lelouth

        from which movie is the 2nd reiko nakamori gif?

        • botd

          If you mean the first gif, the first two gifs I got from this sample video… Hyperedge QDN-16.

  5. ilovebooty

    i’m confused. who are the girls in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th pictures?

    • botd

      3rd is Naho Hazuki. 4th and 5th are Haruka Sakurai.

      • ilovebooty

        where can i find these vids?

        • botd

          They have previews at maguro721.com … use Chrome to get translations. I think they sell the DVDs there but they’re expensive. Otherwise you have to search for them online.

          • searcher

            Ive search all over marguro721 and i can find one video preview .. or even a link to buy. Can you help?

          • botd

            Go here and click each thumbnail. The preview clip should appear on the right.


  6. asdf

    most of these are from the company called “まぐろ物産” (MAGURO), if not all.
    it’s official blog is here:

  7. alex

    Very nice set.

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