Healthy Poison

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Press the button for 6 more. Some are bad quality cause they’re old. But the gifs aren’t important. What matters is finding videos of her after amirite.

If anybody thinks she’s fat, gtfo. Nah you could stay. I’ll post some fit chicks soon.

15 Responses to Healthy Poison

  1. Arturo

    Dominicana tenĂ­a que ser…

  2. YouTube Xiaxci

    damn her body is fine. just thinking her body on top of mine gets me hard.

  3. Adolf6606Hitler AKA Freddy Gonzalez

    i would fuck so hard every day until i die, if she let me.

  4. Queefsniffer

    i remember her from worldstar. i hope she gets tired of the webcam and goes to porn. that body is crazy!

  5. Chukou

    I love thick chicks!!!

  6. Bootyman96

    One of the bustiest cam girls ever and you got her here.

  7. Douche Baggins

    Yeah, like most chicks that think they’re being sneaky, she had a full tummy tuck and lipo, and that’s why the big ass tattoo across her belly. She’s still hot, but I actually preferred her in her fluffier state.

  8. botd

    Here’s some videos but set SafeSearch to “Off”…

  9. realreal

    She makes porn? Or the fifth gif is a visual trick

  10. bobsmith

    Her name is Dominican Poison, but she goes by these as well apprently: Miss Izzy, Mizz Izzy…

    Before she got tatted, she was in even better shape, and looked just as amazing.

  11. Dmitri718

    Whats her name??

  12. Jamal

    I wouldn’t care if EVERYONE thought she was fat. This woman is fine from head to toe. He would lick her dry and fuck her until I needed Viagra.

  13. Electriwizard

    Whoever says NO to this fine piece, is not a real man. This woman deserves some serious action; and i’m not afraid to try, if given the chance.

  14. Spungn

    What fat?!?!?!she has NO belly!!! The ONLY fat this chick has is in them Tig O Bitties!!!!!! Lovely!!!

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