12 Responses to Sexy Smiley Brunette Booty Clapping

  1. Alf

    Bitch look stupid like she wiping her ass. Her no twerkin ?

  2. ks4714

    All I know is she isn’t smackin that ass hard enough! I wanna see handprints on dem cheeks! 🙂

  3. Willie Beamon


  4. Poohbia

    That’s what I’m talking about

  5. Bootypawglover


  6. beardo

    Very sexy woman.

  7. Akeem

    That is Meghan Marie, a former NY stripper. Sad to tell you she left the game and deleted her social media a while ago.

    • ilovemesomebooty

      Such a damn shame. She is definitely something. Perfect size ass, beautiful face, she’s a latina. My pull out game would be non existend, my goodness!

  8. 843bigred


  9. iceman8069

    Damn she’s fuckin hot!

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