10 Responses to Man’s Best Friend

  1. Vincent

    Wow…. Talk about perfection!!!

  2. Desipimp

    There are very few women whose asses look so beautiful in yoga pants as Jen selter. BOTD and jen’s tumblr page provide my daily dose of viewing booty!

  3. big boy

    I love to hit that

  4. TK

    Dam ma!!

  5. Bee

    Jen Selter is like royalty. Queen of the yoga pants!

    • Jefferson

      She gets some heat for her face but I like it. The ass muscle to waist ratio is scandalous, I doubt there is one man who wouldnt leave his wife and kids for this

  6. blackfrost

    cute dog but better booty

  7. assssman8

    Ass fa daaaaays. Her name is Jen Selter

  8. Boooty freak

    That would definitely be my best friend!

  9. Cakey

    mmm, mmm, mmmm.

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