15 Responses to Kai Lee Jiggle Split

  1. Nutman

    Should I have nutted to this

  2. Big Papa
  3. Big Papa

    I wanna dip my stick into that ass that shit to fat

  4. Big Papa

    I love that big white juicy ass bouncing

  5. Big Papa

    Need dat on ma dick asap

  6. Big Papa

    Love beating my meat to this

  7. Big Papa

    Blow her back out til she backless

  8. Big Papa

    Can she do that on the dick love that fat white ass

  9. Big Papa

    Iā€™d smash seven shades of shit out of that ass

  10. Squidhunter

    Ass on her is Round and Nice but her face is a little Homely!

    My Buddy Julian always said as Long as the Legs, Ass and Tits are good if she is Pretty that is just the Icing on the Cake.

    Words to live by

  11. GreenEggsAndHam

    Liking everything on this women

    ~Dr.Seuss’s Friend

  12. Bootyman96

    Sup ppl it’s been a few days or weeks since I commented here. Checking this bitch out I agree she got booty, she’s flexible (thank god), and she’s from shakinit.com where Virgo peridot and greeneyed is also on there also. I’d say she okay. Still if you fucked her ur not really paying attention to her face even half of the time but most of the time is pounding that booty of hers and making the “ugly” girl happy.

  13. Udder Appreciation


  14. Djoseph_27

    She got dat ass but no hope for that face

    • OldDirtyPants

      Your argument is invalid. When you are fucking that ass do you really see the face? The answer is no.

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