20 Responses to Big Butt Tomomi Motozawa Takes a Shower

  1. ostrich


    • Goat

      You the real MVP, fam.

  2. xdbs

    I dunno, is that real? It looks TOO perfect, possible implants? What do ya’ll think?

    • naughtynuff4u

      looks suspicious though, i mean her ass cuff has a funny shape beneath her ass.

  3. DG

    love this girl

  4. Bootyman96

    The soccer game right now has Thailand vs. Ivory Coast. My point is since we’re talking Asian chicks here why not find Thailand booty. That has to be rare too. And what about Japanese-American chicks like Asa Akira? I remember this Asian Milf who’s tan n got big tits. I forgot her name she had an awesome titty-fucking scene can we have more of those too??

    • DG

      ava devine? she’s a pass imo

    • Udderman

      You may be talking about Fuko Love aka Fukko Love…nice big tits

  5. DG

    ^ Also 89:11 and 107:12. lmao too funny!

  6. KG

    ^ Another good one is 89:15 man. Too funny!

  7. Dre

    Jesus S. Christ man this girl needs my man meat stat.

  8. Perfect

    We need a gif of this pro massaging here: http://www.goomtube.com/big-ass-japanese-tomomi-motozawa.html at the 1:46:27 mark.

    Its nuts how she has not much of a bigger ass in the western world, but it’s hella plump. Its like she got it done, but instead shows it in a very natural manner. Good find BOTD!

    • Perfect

      To add to this, whoops I think 1:47:12 is better xD That’s what I actually meant. Thanks bro!

  9. Pin2

    A lot of vids of her here –> javfor.me/actress/tomomi-motozawa

  10. kyle429

    DAMN!! Me love you long time! Her body is amazing.

  11. iceman8069

    What a great body! Dammit man!

  12. Bryan

    That ass is heavenly…Nothing better than thick ass Asians.

  13. Albatroz88


    • Yeah

      Y’know its rare to see such fine asian booty like this one…this had me rollin off my seat!

      • yeah

        shoulda got first comment. F*CK

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