Big Booty Tubes 5

Share some links of big butts and thick girls with the rest of us.

Also, finally finished the Very Big Ass Gifs page, aka BOTD Theater. Fixed some bugs, removed most repeats, made it work on mobile, and added like 200 more gifs. But let me know if you find any that are too stretched, too low res, or just plain wack, so I can remove them.

You can get to it by pressing here … Very Big Ass Gifs … or hover over the little arrow where it says Big Ass Gifs on the top … or press the hamburger icon on mobile.

All gifs on that page by BOTD. Need to mention that not to brag, but to make it known that I’m not a gif jacker, and all those gifs took like 4 years to make.

And wanted to segway into this next point. But you must must MUST press the donate button and give what you can. Seriously. Otherwise you’ll wake up one morning, come to this site for your morning fap, and it’ll say Page Not Found.

All I know is that I would donate if it was me. And there’s no way I could be the only moral righteous person on the whole internet. Cmon, I wanna see some of you up in heaven later on, chillin with me and Jesus, bangin some righteous chicks.

I don’t want you to wake up someday like “Damn who turned off the AC.” And then Satan be like “Mmmwahahahaaa. Welcome to my place. You should’ve helped BOTD.”

Anyway, post some links in the comments. I’ll start it off…

EDIT: Guys, thanks for the donations, but no need to donate anymore, cause my Paypal account was frozen. I guess I violated their service agreement. They don’t allow porn sites.

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  1. botd

    Guys, thanks for the donations, but no need to donate anymore, cause my Paypal account was frozen. I guess I violated their service agreement. They don’t allow porn sites.

  2. Dirty Urine

    Im not sure why I like this so much but I do

    • Dirty Urine

      P.S. BOTD, thanks for the shoutout! I love your work.

  3. Yeah

    Goddam! (Drake Voice) I smashed that right arrow key button so much I get from says: “Sorry no more gifs”. I’ve seen over maybe all the gifs like 15+ times so thats why…hahahahhahhahahah *cries*

    I need to go outside.

  4. xander

    Does anyone know who she is


  5. MikeManiac

    Hard to find vids from her unless it’s from this site

  6. Pete

    You got my 5.00 bro !! Thanks for everything you do !!

  7. Lex

    Hey BOTD –

    I know people are USED TO using PayPal, but guess what? If you don’t want them taking that HUGE CHUNK out of your donations, do what I did and get Google Wallet. No one’s basically HEARD of it, so they don’t know that they DON’T charge those bullshit fees (yet, at least) that PayPal charges.

    I’m letting you know because I LOVE this page! Do with that knowledge what you will, BOTD! 😉

    • botd

      Thanks, I’ll probably go with Google Wallet if I have trouble with Paypal. I always hear bad things about Paypal.

    • Mard

      Anyone know who this is?

  8. Tulio
  9. Anonymous

    BOTD, I’ve got a question. Just had a conversation with a friend about donating to your site and they mentioned something about purchasing gift cards from brick-and-mortar stores like Wal-Mart and Burger King, then being able to utilize them via Paypal or other services to donate their value to you. Is this true? Some among us want to donate but are reluctant to put our credit card info and other sensitive information out there in the digital wilderness. In parting, I would like to sincerely thank you for all that you do. There is no venue for me to see the types of women we here admire. I once made the mistake of sharing my enthusiasm with some people that I thought were cool. They ended up publicly shaming me with “fat girl” retorts (at the time I mentioned Rosee Divine, Winny Munoz & Brianna Bette). They reacted to me as though I was a fan of illegal porn. According to them, preferring anyone other than SI Swimsuit Issue and Victoria’s Secret Model types is a crime. It was rough. In light of this, I’d like to help the site out by donating. If the gift card thing turns out to be true, a lot more people are going to be hitting you up, fam! The back shots are brief in this vid…. but *** DAAAMN >>>

    • botd

      I have no idea, but don’t worry, it’s no big deal.

  10. simneo

    If you put up a bitcoin address for me to donate i’ll happily donate something monthly. I got botd bookmarked after all. Quit paypal a while back.

  11. Niko

    These are only pictures but they are amazing, especially the third one

  12. newt

    Please accept the small humble contribution from R9. ^^”

    Was trying to post a walking compilation vid but the damn thing doesn’t work anymore. And I like walking vids. 🙁

  13. Douche Baggins

    FYI, If you send your donation directly to thru paypal and choose SEND TO FRIENDS OR FAMILY he gets 100% of it. Otherwise, paypal bastards take a huge bite of the little donations.

    • Douche Baggins

      I sent $5 also btw.

  14. BSD

    BOTD –

    You’ve provided lots of smiles and enjoyment in here for me, so I have no problem contributing to the cause. Your hard work and time is definitely appreciated. My PayPal contribution seems to have worked. Glad to be of help.

    By the way, that cute, chubby, blonde girl, the one that was with her friend dropping towels and dickteasing that poor pizza delivery guy… I would ASSAULT that girl. I would try to RUIN her thick young self. Just like I like ’em. Thick thighs and heavy bottom, under a relatively flat tummy. And I thought her face was cute enough. I would try to destroy that girl. Laws would be broken.


    • botd

      Aww thanks for keeping it real bro.

      And I knew you would like her. You, me, and the rest of us that are attracted to thick girls are the ones with the absolutely correct taste. We’re not out of touch. No. It’s the kids that like skinny girls who are wrong.

    • botd

      Haha and “damn that poor pizza guy” is exactly the same thing I said when I first saw that video. That would be the worst thing ever. Seeing something like that and then having to leave.

      Btw did he try to grab a titty when she was kissing him goodbye, or am I seeing things.

  15. botd

    Oh, all the gifs from that page have been posted on this site previously along with their IDs and links to the videos or to the video info.

    So ask somebody else for those IDs. Sorry but you should’ve found this site sooner.

    Or you can go back, check out all the previous posts, and find all the IDs along with thousands of others.

    Fun fun fun.

  16. SkiOne

    I donated $5, your image is broken when you get the paypal screen

    • botd

      Thanks SkiOne. Hmm maybe I was wrong about you gentleman. Maybe you guys really are awesome.

      I mean I’m still way off from this month’s payment, but doesn’t really matter. Just needed to be convinced that you guys appreciate it.

      Aww big hug guys. Ayyo.

  17. botd

    Thick Teen Gets Kitchen Surprise

    I sorta like the doggystyle scene where she’s doing all the work. My kinda girl.

    That’s why you guys need to help me get rich so i can buy those types of girls.

    Actually I quit trying to get rich off this site a long long time ago. Now I just need help to try to at least break even.

    See also…

    7 Katie Cummings posts

  18. PlayaSt601

    I don’t ever comment on ish but it’s a dope ass site man and I will def put my dollar up because of those Fine Friday frontal

    • botd

      Haha. Cool. I’ll make sure to do more of those, but it might be a Fine Friday Asian Frontals next time.

    • botd

      Honestly I’m starting to fap to frontals, especially hourglass shaped milf frontals, a lot more than booties nowadays.

      So if you come here one day in the future, and all of a sudden the site is called Frontal of the Day instead of Booty of the Day, don’t be surprised.

      • PlayaSt601

        I feel you. Idk why every time I log in with my donation nothing goes through man.. I tried three times now

        • botd

          Shit it’s probably because theBeastOfGA from the comment above broke the site. Damn you TBOG.

          Nah but I trust you. So no big deal as long as you tried. You can either try again tomorrow, or tell a friend or two about the site.

  19. theBeastOfGA

    Dude hold the right arrow and the screen will eventually become a blur of ass……AWESOME:)

    • botd

      Haha. Dude don’t do that or you’ll break the site.

      Nah probably not, but it might get slower for the rest of us. And then my host might ban me because you used up too much bandwith. And then no more BOTD because of TBOG.

      I’ll let it slide tho if you donate, otherwise I’ll have to ban your IP from all BOTD sites.

      (I’d never do that btw)

    • botd

      Oh yeah, bro are you sure it’s not just a blur because you got to this one?



      • Douche Baggins

        That shit right there just gave me a booty seizure!

  20. botd

    Super Thick Blonde Towel Drop for Pizza Guy…

    Most of you might think she’s chubby or not that pretty, but I’d be praying to Horus that she can’t find her purse. And then… well you know how the pizza boy story goes.





  21. botd

    Phat Booty Whooty Flashes at Fast Food Place…



  22. botd

    Don’t wanna ruin the comments with thank yous when people are just looking for links, so to any future donaters, thanks in advance, I’ll notice, and I’ll put in a good word for you with the boss’ son upstairs. By that I mean Jesus, or even Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, or whoever else you believe in … or my personal fave Horus.

  23. botd
  24. lolman

    If anyone knows her name please tell me!!!!

    • botd


      Protip: Always check Tube site comments for names.

      I searched that name tho and couldn’t find anything, but you might.

    • K.I

      What’s her name?

    • pawgsearcher

      Sarah Red

    • gravuty

      Jeezuz that pawg is unreal, anymore?

  25. Gobot90

    I just donated $5. Now tell me who that hoola hooping chick is!?! Hey that’s a good idea for a post – big booty hoola hoopers.

    Botd- do you ever post original content? Cause I have a couple pretty good candid walking vids straight from the streets of NYC I’d be willing to share.

    • botd

      Thanks man. Your real name is my name too by the way. But don’t tell anybody cause I gotta stay mysterious.

      And do you mean Remy?

      Here’s some old posts of her doing what she does best, but I’ll try to find some more from the old BOTD Tumblr.


      I don’t wanna be a dick and say you should know her by now, but you should. Unless you mean somebody else.

      Edit: One more. I think it was the first one of her hula hooping…

    • botd

      Oh I usually don’t post submissions, cause I’m really really picky about what I post.

  26. botd

    Oxuanna … I mean a random slut gets fucked in the male strip club.

    Need to post her one day. Not that thick but kinda sexy.

    And thanks Fab. Looks like you and I are the only good people here.

  27. botd

    Oh you can also hit “F11” on desktop to make it true full screen, but don’t forget to hit it again when you’re done to return to normal.

    • qumo rama

      Amazing! One of the hottest things ive ever seen! Is there more with her?

      • Douche Baggins

        DAMN… dude couldn’t even keep it up though.. WTF? Needed to smash the fuck out of that thing!

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