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  1. mee(a)t

    Lol I’m sorry but amount of butthurt in this comment section is ridiculous. One person says he doesn’t find Virgo attractive and you all immediately jump down his throat to say he must be into gay porn or “sick sticks”


    • botd

      Nice strawman.

      • mee(a)t

        What strawman? There are literally posts here linking gay porn and random lines that make fun of slim female.

        • botd

          No person said “I don’t find Virgo attractive” … and there are literally no links to gay porn here.

          • mee(a)t

            Go look at Just Someone and Dudebro comment chain

          • botd

            Okay I did. Now either you didn’t, or you’re deliberately misrepresenting their comments to make it look like they said something different, fairer and more innocent than what they actually said, so you can knock the responding comments down. That’s a Straw Man argument and it’s not valid.

            If they really did say, as you claim, “I don’t find Virgo attractive” … instead of dissing her and dissing this site, the responses would have been different.

  2. Bootyman96

    From Cam Girl to Pornstar Virgo is making moves. I still think she’s the best and I saw one of her recent scenes so yeah she’s great. If people feel so strongly about her what about Greeneyed? You know, Virgo’s shakinit.com counterpart? Yeah her what about a post on her and let’s see if you guys start controversy over Greeneyed.

  3. Pete

    Can we stop debating on women being fat, ugly, no BLACK booties ( I call BS on that) or whatever else and just enjoy this site that has brought great booty pleasure to us all !!

    Appreciate ya BOTD and keep it up brotha

    • botd

      Thanks for the support dude. Sometimes I think it’s partly might fault tho, probably for replying to some stuff when I shouldn’t, or making a big deal out of some things.

      Still, some people forget that BOTD is totally free. So complaining about it is like going to a store that’s giving out free cans of Coke, and then complaining to the manager because you personally prefer Pepsi.

      • Pete

        Truth !!! hahaha

      • Gobot90

        Yeah botd that’s a great analogy.

        People need to go somewhere else–like, say, the rest of the internet–if they dont like what is posted here and thick girls in general.

        I think Virgo has never looked better. Just ignore these fools botd! You know what you like, there are plenty of other dudes (real men) who appreciate all natural curvy women, and you should just keep on with that niche.

  4. Fleo

    Face sitting and tongue fucking before pounding that incredible ass.

  5. Dudebro

    Dude… Virgo had a nice body and a hit face. But now she’s fat with an ugly face, and them titties are a boner killer. This site has killed more boners than creating them lately lol.

    • botd

      This video is from last Valentine. Nowadays she’s thinner. And technically she’s prettier now since she does porn and gets the same pro makeup done as all the other porn stars, who you probably haven’t seen without their clown faces on. And even if your personal titty preference somehow became fact, it doesn’t matter because the site isn’t called Breasts of the Day or Face of the Day. The title is Booty of the Day, and the theme is thick girls. And to address your last point, I just went back and checked the most recent ten posts, and the only one that killed my boner was the one thin girl that I posted, which is probably the one that you like the best. That tells me you’re in the wrong neighborhood. This site is definitely not for you.

      • Dudebro

        Sorry man I exaggerated a little bit with the boner killer. But really tho, she is just fat in this one. I’m probably just growing out of this site because there’s not enough women of color. Which it’s not ur responsibility to accommodate me, but that’s what the site is really missing.

        • botd

          Here we go again. Guys I’ll try to keep it short and simple this time. But your personal opinion about what’s “fat” and unattractive doesn’t matter. What matters is the biological fact that there are two completely different types of fat cells that are total opposites of each other. One type is good, and the other is bad. In those gifs, she has none of the bad type around her belly or waist, and she has a whole lot of the good healthy type everywhere else. If you don’t understand what that means, read the following three articles about the actual science behind fat and attraction.
          And I was actually working on two black girl posts, one of them I’ll probably post tomorrow or Tuesday. Doesn’t matter anyway because they’re extra thick with super phat booties, and you sound like you prefer thin black girls with asses that are just a little bigger than normal. Read the following comment about why you’ll never see that here.
          When you click, you’ll also see a link to 5 pages of all the black girl posts here (none of them are probably your type) and there’s another link to a lot more gifs and pics on the old site.

          • Dudebro

            No need to go insulting my taste like that, I been on this page for years, when you started on tumblr. Rather if it’s good fat or bad fat, she’s fallin off my fav list awhile ago, that is all. I watch BBWs for crying out loud. Just because I don’t like this one thick chick, I don’t like any of em? Chill bro.

          • Dudebro

            I read your post on that issue too, have you been to roundandbrown.com? I can also send a few vids of webcam chicks that are thick. I am not your enemy lol

          • botd

            Okay send me links. bootyoftheday at gmail

            Yeah I’ve been to roundandbrown. They all look too “normal” for me. That’s why I only post super thick black girls. I mean what’s the point of posting something if you can just go outside and see it. I try to post stuff that you can’t just see outside your window. Caucasian broads that look like Virgo in those gifs, thick Asians, extra crazy thick Nubian Queens, etc.

            I didn’t insult you. On the contrary, you’re the one who attempted to try to insult me by calling this site a boner killer. But it’s not the insult that made me respond, cause I don’t care about that. The thing that bothers me and probably pisses me off the most out of anything in the whole world, is when people talk like their opinions are actually facts.

        • Demetrius

          Dudebro your always going to be filled with hatred. With a face like yours I don’t blame you. She’s lovely from every angle so your opinion means jack shit. If you came to Russia I can find you a goat that may want to fuck you!

          • Dudebro

            Wait, my opinion doesn’t mean jack shit? What makes you think your opinion about me means jack shit. The audacity. Lol

        • Bubba

          Yes we’re insulting your taste. But perhaps this is more to your liking.

          • botd

            Haha, Bubba let’s be nice. No need to insult him. I mean maybe he was drunk when he said that. I say a lot of silly things when I’m drunk or something.


    Video 2http://content.xvideos.com/videos/mp4/c/2/4/xvideos.com_c24ad6677aa01930105059a53b7f96de.mp4?e=1424034422&ri=1024&rs=85&h=a41e3bd2de28a1d54c8f6dda19b65ff6

  7. Sticky1

    Most “pretty chics” are a disappointment after you fuck them anyway. Some just don’t know how to fuck, some are just pillow queens, and the rest aren’t that pretty anymore. Nature’s recycling system. ” 1 man’s trash is another man’s treasure! ”
    Phat unique natural ass is an endangered species.

  8. botd

    If you’re tired of asking others for IDs (names of girls) or would like to see the originals, here’s a tip. Well, besides just going to https://images.google.com/ and uploading a pic, you can simply press down on any image on Chrome-Mobile or right-click on any image on Chrome-Desktop and then select the line that says “Search Google for this image” … then go through the search results and look for a female name.

  9. botd

    One more thing that I was gonna save for another time, but it’s probably more relevant with this comment.

    But check out this video. All I know is I would get annoyed as hell at this dude if I was standing on line or if I was working behind the counter.

    I’m pretty sure homeboy is no kinda fun at all at parties.


    (Maybe not an exact comparison, but this is how I feel about people trying to be heroes (none of you guys, just future wannabe Batmans) that try to impress us with their Super Search Powers, as if none of us mere mortals can possibly know the same thing. Obviously, well most likely, he’s just doing it for the Youtube views, but he’s still disturbing the peace. So there. If I’m not making sense, who cares. Just watch the video. It’s interesting regardless. )

  10. botd

    If you’re bored, read my book I mean comment under the Stripper Pole Booty post.


  11. Brownhornet22

    She’s certainly not the prettiest, and her body’s kinda sloppy, but she’s definitely late night booty-call material.

  12. Dev

    I love it!

  13. BSD

    Friends –

    I would fuck Virgo Peridot fifty ways from Sunday, and NOT be ashamed of it, while all you hyper-critical dawgs fight over the hottest chick in the club.

    I would sink knee deep in that munsta and be happy as a pig in slop.


    • Willie Beamon


    • Pete

      And I’d be right along there with you my man…..

  14. Janos

    I gotta fuck the loneliness out off a desperate pussy today. happy valentine’s day Yes!

    • Udder Appreciation

      Good for you, brother.

  15. Bootox

    Really, not a pretty face but a gorgeous ass. Should be doing more Sex scenes, this time with one dude instead of two.

  16. Just someone

    Y’all hype the ugliest broads! Mia Khalifa, Virgo? Disgusting. Virgo is all fat cells and Mia is just plain ugly.

    • botd

      Dude I think you’re on the wrong site. And on the wrong planet.

    • Maxwell

      Just someone who needs to get the fuck off this site.

    • Janos

      Pretty girl have Pussy Yes! Ugly girl have pussy Yes! What’s the problem. What I do is stick her face out a window. Problem fixed. Or maybe you prefer thumb up your butt hole Yes?

    • Douche Baggins

      You’re way out of line dude… if you don’t like big asses you’re on the wrong site. Go back to your sick sticks that look like boys.

  17. natedrake

    anyone know who this girl is? plis…


  18. Pete

    Happy broken hearts day my man….

  19. Yeah

    Oh yeah, happy valentines day to you too…BOTD >_>

  20. Yeah

    Virgo got supa thick. It’s almost like it ain’t a surprise anymore!

  21. 876boi

    Video!!!! Pls!!!

  22. iceman8069

    She may not be that pretty,but fuck man…her ass is incredible and I would still fuck the shit outta her!

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