15 Responses to Burlesque Booty

  1. Maxwell

    After that white trash inbred chic u posted, once I thought all was lost, you post this and totally redeem yourself *dumb and dumber voice.

  2. Starwar

    She’s extra fine but did you see her wife. SMH

  3. Buddy

    Seriously astonishingly hot chick, check her website out and she comes off as one that you would need to not talk or make eye contact with to remind you of the personality that insanely hot body houses or it’d make your dick shrivel up and die, all while you’re infuriated because she’s so fucking hot, but her personality is so repulsive and annoying.

  4. cole cash

    Holy mother of all creatures. I just can’t get over her.
    She has an astonishing body. Just incredible. Immediate top 3!

    And thanks to BOTD and the contributors who gave her name.

  5. Bootyfreak

    Yeah, that loose jiggly ass would get fucked fo sho!

  6. Aalim


    Good lord!

  7. Yisrael

    Her name is Liad Hussein Kantorowicz.


    Liad Kantorowicz

  9. Bootox

    Look at the body of this girl! That legs, that ass…
    I need private shows, now!

    • Bootox

      We do need more info about her!

  10. cole cash

    Oh MY!
    She’s fucking amazing! To die for.
    And I’m crying right now…

  11. Yeah


  12. yolando

    What’s her name?

  13. iceman8069

    Good lord she is hot! That ass is perfect! Loved the first one with her bouncing it around and jiggling all over! Maaaaaan…she’d get this pole for real!

  14. Pete

    Agreed, that side profile !!!
    Where can I catch these shows ??

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