10 Responses to The 50s Are Back

  1. botd

    Not my cup of tea, but hereya go.

    • Yeta

      D: its deleted

  2. eddy

    go ahead and post it. We’re all big kids here.

  3. Bootyeater67

    Where is the full video?

    • botd

      All I have is a link to the preview clip, but I didn’t post it cause it contains scenes that I find quite disturbing.

      • Brent Thompson

        Wow that was disturbing, lol.

        • botd

          Told you. Haha. What’s even more disturbing is that there’s somebody out there fapping to that shit right now. Nah but to each their own. There’s a lot more disturbing stuff out there like scat and bestiality.

  4. Assluver

    That looks like a Steak N’ Shake restaurant, maybe they should rename it to Ass N’ Shake.

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