7 Responses to Phat Booty Cam Girl Flashes Pizza Guy

  1. Aalim

    Fuck that.

    ^These girls^ are a little bit more .. appreciative!

  2. BSD

    Friends –

    Nah, ani’t goin’ down like that.

    I’d have to lose my job. And probably go to jail. You just can’t fuck with a man like that and then just send him out the door. Nah, you gonna hafta get fucked, or suck my dick, or somethin’. Much as I like a big phat ass like hers?… Nah, I ain’t havin’ it. Somethin’ more than that has got to happen. If you scream rape, in court I would say “Your Honor, play the video file. If you convict me after that, well I guess I just gotta do the time.”


    • iceman8069

      Lmaooo…that was funny as hell, just reading it twice made me laugh even harder!

    • blackfrost

      don’t throw a match in the woods and not expect a fire.

    • Athr

      Nah ur just complicating things. She invited him to touch her! All he had to do is start playing and see where it goes. Simple as that, but he did nothing…but then he may have had reasons. Anyway that girl’s curves are incredible…hawt.

      • bootyallday

        Naw in the third gif he smacked that ass, but she got scared. definitely agree with bsd I wasn’t bout to leave until I got a blowjob.

  3. Bootyman96

    Oh scarletraven! I’ve seen her countless of times on MFC and she’s one dirty camgirl. Funny that she flashed the pizza boy if only she fucked him she could’ve got more viewers for her cam show. Not that big of a fan of her anyway.

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